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Breast strengthening exercises

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The run-down on sports bras and A glossary to sports bras

Women Running Sports Bra

Women Running Sports Bra

Running is one of the most economical sports in terms of equipment, with only one important item, that being well adapted footwear. However, women runners (including recreational joggers) need to make the additional essential investment of a high-performing sports bra.

Breast strengthening exercises

As breasts consist purely of fat and contain no muscle, losing weight from running often results in reduced breast size. Although this might be a godsend to the very competitive athlete, it can be a disappointing side effect to the benefits of running for the average woman runner. The only way to help increase the illusion of bust firmness is to work on the pectoral (chest) muscles by way of:

Bench Press: Using a set of dumbbells lie flat on your back (on a bench) with your arms out (palms up) and slightly bent holding a light dumbell weigh in each hand. Bring the weights together over your head without farther bending your arms.

Push-ups: These work your entire chest and back, as well as your arms and abdominal muscles. If you can’t do a set with your legs fully extended behind you, begin on your knees and work up to it.

Arm movements: In the standing position (make sure your back is straight), bend your arms with elbows out at right angles and hands at breast level, push the elbows out towards your back, bring them in and then fully extend your arms outstretched outwards and pull back in towards your back.

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