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Further Female Problems on the run

Run Easy

Further Female Problems on the run follows on from the first article – Female Problems on the run

Bikini line

Here again this is a very personal issue. But, one thing is for sure, running shorts and excess hair are not very flattering. The problem is that getting rid of unwanted hair, be it with a razor, bikini wax or other, together with the combination of sweat makes the skin prone to rashes, little infections and not to mention cause itchiness. Once again the pot of Vaseline comes to the rescue, if rub a little onto the bared skin it will alleviate these problems. [Read more…]

Female Problems on the run

Female Problems on the Run

Female Problems on the Run

Let’s face it there are some extremely embarrassing female bodily problems when it comes to running. Whilst our male running counterparts will happily fart, belch, sweat and can take a pit stop literally anywhere, the only thing they ever complain about it would seem is nipple chaffing. However, we have a host of problems to deal with from sanitary wear to holding everything in from sweat to urine. Cassandra Davis has experienced and lists some solutions to a bunch of problems you won’t find answers to in any of the running books. [Read more…]