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Tokyo on a Trot by Cassandra Davis

Running in Tokyo

Running in Tokyo

I recently had a business trip to Tokyo, which was my first visit to Japan.

So, naturally I was worrying beforehand if I would be able to run there without getting lost, I had visions of myself trying to memorise street names in Japanese. To my surprise and delight, I discovered when consulting the website of the hotel in which I was staying that they provided a jogging route complete with land markers; three circuit routes between 1.5 and 3kms crossing Japanese gardens and temples. [Read more…]

Tokyo on a Trot Part II by Cassandra Davis

I once again had the pleasure of visiting Tokyo on a business trip. I’m always glad that running as an exercise is so transportable, you can do it just anywhere (even the Tokyo on the Trotbusy metropolis of Tokyo), all you need is to pack your trainers. This time I was cursing a bit as my winter running gear was taking up more room in my bag than I would have liked, so that I had to favour them over an extra pair of shoes and casuals.

My second visit to the city lost in translation. This time I was feeling more confident from my positive running experiences there, however, when the friendly airport limousine bus dropped me off at my first hotel which was situated on a busy highway crowded with skyscrapers on both sides, I suddenly had my doubts on whether I would be using the gear that had been allocated so much prize space in my bag. The following morning, jet lag preventing me from sleeping beyond 4am, I got up and studied my English map of the immediate vicinity. [Read more…]