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The best predictors of injury


If you’re a runner, the link between training quantity and injury means that total training mileage is an excellent indicator of your injury risk. The more km you accrue per week, the higher your chances of damage. One recent investigation found a marked upswing in injury risk above about 65 km of running per week. [Read more…]

The Comeback from Injury


Never mind the physical pain of the injury, the psychic pain of not being able to run can sometimes be even worse. Force yourself to tough it out. It’s very important to come back slowly from an injury, and you shouldn’t rush the process. Cut way back on running – or eliminate it entirely – until you recover from your injury. [Read more…]

Injury prevention tips


9 handy tips to assist in injury prevention:

( 1 ) Avoid training when you are tired. Tired muscles provide inadequate support for tendons, ligaments, and bones, increasing the risk of strains, sprains, and stress fractures. [Read more…]

The best advice on the use of ice

Ice therapy (Ice, Compression and Elevation) is the key component of acute soft tissue injury, but little is known about the optimum duration of individual treatment sessions, the frequency of application or the length of the overall treatment programme. [Read more…]

Injury guide – Troubleshooters’ Guide

Injury Guide

[Read more…]