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The Gift of an Injury

In this article I want to discuss the idea that an injury, if it is treated and acted on in the right way, can actually be a gift to runners. Some of you may wonder how one can possibly see an injury as a gift, when being injured can be the most annoying, and sometimes depressing, part of an athlete’s life, so let me explain.

Stretch wallI would never wish an injury on any athlete, especially not what I call a ‘serious accident’ injury such as a bone fracture or ligament rupture. Yet injuries are a reality for most athletes and so it is wise to learn to look at them in a positive way and see them as an opportunity to learn about your body.

How on earth can we look at injuries positively? All injuries have causes, but these causes can be many and various: they could be related to the training programme, the athlete’s technique, the athlete’s level of conditioning, the equipment used or the conditions. By identifying the specific causes you can make an objective assessment of what you need to do to ensure the injury does not recur. Then, by working on your weaknesses and making any changes to training or equipment once the injury has healed, you will be a stronger, better prepared athlete who has less chance of getting injured again. This is how injury can be a gift, because it offers an opportunity to discover what you need to work on and a chance to become more aware of your body. [Read more…]

Your Approach to Injury Treatment

How you approach your Injury Treatment, can be your salvation when it comes to recovery.

foot lift

It is a major challenge to discuss in detail the nature and treatment of all running injuries. Knowing the cause and providing detailed information regarding the treatment of injuries is always made more difficult without being able to analyse the symptoms. In our approach we will attempt to provide you with sufficient tips to consider the extent of your injury and what course of action to take next. To train intelligently is always the best approach however being sensible at all times is often something which gets ignored and often injuries do occur. Often catching an injury early and treating it with the basic guidelines listed below can avoid the injury becoming chronic. [Read more…]

Stress fractures can be avoided

calf stretch

Stress fractures can be avoided

Do not be fooled into thinking that your injury is a stress fracture only if you are unable to run. Many runners could avoid stress fractures if they would only take notice of a pain in the legs after a run. At this point it’s possible to prevent a stress fracture by responding to the developing problem: Stop running and see a sports medicine specialist. [Read more…]

Plantar fasciitis

Teri Burgess This article covers Plantar Fasciitis and is provided by Teri Burgess, resident Physiotherapist, from time-to-run Cape Town

Plantar Fasciitis Definition and Treatment

Definition: An inflammation of the plantar fascia, a thick fibrous band of tissue in the bottom of the foot which runs from the heel to the base of the toes. When placed under too much stress, the plantar fascia stretches too far and tears, [Read more…]

Shin Splints Treatment

Teri BurgessThis article covers Shin Splints and is provided by Teri Burgess, resident Physiotherapist, from time-to-run Cape Town

Shin Splints Definition and Treatment

Definition: Inflammation of the muscle attachments and interosseous membranes to the tibia (shin bone) on the inside of the front of the lower leg. Note: “shin splints” is a very widely used phrase and can refer to several lower leg injuries. The focus of this description is specifically on the inflammation described above. [Read more…]

ITB – iliotibial band syndrome

Teri BurgessThis article covers ITB – iliotibial band syndrome and is provided by Teri Burgess, resident Physiotherapist, from time-to-run Cape Town

ITB – iliotibial band syndrome and Treatment

Definition: Pain and inflammation on the outside of the knee, where the iliotibial band (a muscle on the outside of the thigh) becomes tendinous, and results in a friction syndrome by rubbing against the femur (thigh bone) as it runs alongside the knee joint. [Read more…]

Injury guide – Troubleshooters’ Guide

Injury Guide

[Read more…]