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10k Road Running Championships 2012

New Zealand Road Running Championships, Wellington Waterfront – 1 September 2012

Sally Drought

Sally Drought

Edwin Kaitany of Kenya continued his winning way around New Zealand with victory in the New Zealand senior men’s road running championship race.
Kaitany led out after 6km and went on unchallenged to record 30m 20s for the 10km.

With Kaitany unable to take the title Tim Hodge of Wellington in second collected his first national title with a time of 30m 45s. Evan Cooper of Wellington claimed the silver medal in a close finish with Peter Meffan of Otago.
21 year old Kaitany said that he preferred the solid surface of the road compared to the muddy track in Hamilton last month when he won the New Zealand cross country championship race.
“I like the road but it was a bit windy today and when I was finishing I was not feeling good as I had a lot of pain in my hips so I took pain killers and still took out the race despite the pain,” said Kaitany.

Hodge was delighted in winning his first senior title.

“I’m pretty stoked, first senior title really happy with it. I just wanted to run smart, I didn’t think I ran that smart in the cross country nationals so I figured I had something to prove coming back from that,” said Hodge.

Sam Wreford touted as the pre-race favourite did not start.

Sarah Drought of Wellington was a popular home town winner of the women’s 10km title in 34m 46s. Drought had the sting in her legs when it counted over the closing stages.

Going into the final 800m Drought was locked in a two way battle with defending title holder Lisa Robertson of Auckland. In the dash to the finish Drought dug deep and outkicked Robertson by two seconds for the win.

In a combined race with the men Drought said it was a help.
“It really helped having the guys to run with, a few of them helped pull me through a bit and then it was really digging deep in that last bit and it’s my first New Zealand title so it feels pretty good,” said Drought.

It was the first winter season that Drought has made it through to the road racing.
“I’ve had injuries for the past two winters, I’ve run the cross country but haven’t been able to make it through to the road,” she said.

Robertson was pleased for Drought.
“Good on her, the best woman won. I didn’t feel that great to be honest, I was running okay but I didn’t feel that strong. I sat in fourth and let them play cat and mouse and save it till the end. Sarah picked up the pace and I picked it up with her, but she obviously wanted it more,” said Robertson.

Eryn Lovell of Auckland was so disappointed with her performance that she punished herself by jumping into the sea just off the finish line. Not to be out done Declan Wilson followed her into the tide.

Matt Baxter of Taranaki capped off a great winter of racing with a convincing display of front running to collect the M19 8km title in 24m 57s. Antoine Bonnet of Manawatu/Wanganui held on to second over the last 4km with Tim Stewart of Waikato Bay of Plenty taking third.
After a fast start Baxter had second thoughts on going out with the leading group.
“Michael Sutton sort of took it out a bit and then there was a gap to two Wellington guys so I went through and decided to take the lead and with the tail wind it pushed me along. Once in the lead I just decided that I’m out in front I might as well keep it going hard and try to finish out there,” said Baxter.
“Coming off an average track season and into this winter has been more than I could have asked for – it’s been just amazing,” he added.

Ariana Harper of Wellington added the W19 road title to the mountain running title won in April and the W17 800m/1500m track double won in March. Harper said that she was reasonably confident going into the race.
“I was quite tired but I managed to push through mentally which I’ve been building on my mental toughness,” she said.
The next track season is what Harper is aiming for.
“I’m in a build up for the bigger races on the track, so I won today while doing a build up,” she added.

Simon Mardon said that the scenery was great as he battled out the master men’s race with Tasman team mate Graeme Taylor. Mardon M35 won the 10km outright in 32m 31s, just one second ahead of M40 Taylor.
“It was a nice course, good support and I love fishing so seeing the sea and the guys catching Kawhai on the way was good,” said Mardon.
“I’ve had three hard races with Graeme in the last year, and each not more than 10 seconds difference – over marathon, half and 10km. He gets closer each one so next year he’ll probably get me,” added Mardon.

Taylor the Wellington marathon winner in June in 2h 33m 58s said that he thought it was Robbie Johnston charging through at the end.
“It was only right at the end that I realised it wasn’t Robbie. I felt reasonably comfortable over the first k. Simon took it out over the first k and then I decided to lead it out, so it was fairly okay and I was hoping that people would fall off the back,” he said.
“I’m doing the Abel Tasman Coastal Classic in three weeks, I quite like a bit of off road stuff and then it is the road relays and the Auckland marathon,” added Taylor.

After finishing second last year Stephanie MacKenzie of Wellington was delighted to win the master women’s 5km on the eve of shifting to San Francisco for two years. MacKenzie W35 18m 0s headed in Gabrielle O’Rourke of Wellington W45 18m 39s and Wendy Cottrell-Teahan Manawatu/Wanganui 18m 42s.
MacKenzie had the support at the course of her father Peter Welsh, 1966 Jamaica Commonwealth Games 3000m steeplechase gold medallist and three times New Zealand steeples champion and world cross country representative.

Having the combined race with the junior grades was a big help said MacKenzie.
“It was good to have the young girls in the race today to push us along. I’m really happy to win before we move away to San Francisco. This is my last New Zealand championship, but I am staying on to help Wellington Scottish at the national road relay championships,” she said.

Wellington’s Marcus Karamanolis and Nicholas Pointon teamed up in the M16 6km to try and dislodge defending title holder Jacob Priddey from first place on the podium. But Priddey had the strength when it counted over the final 800m winning in desperate finish in 18m 52s, three seconds ahead of Karamanolis with Pointon third in 18m 57s.
Priddey thought he would be leading with the others sitting on him.
“It was a big surprise when they took the lead and pushed the pace from the start and I was just trying to hold on to the back. In the end I heard Nicholas drop off and then Marcus took the lead and I thought he would pull away but I just found enough in me to finish and win,” said Priddey.
“It was a similar race to last year when I battled with Ben Musson – it has been pretty difficult both years,” he added.
Karamanolis said that they were trying to take Jacob for the first time on the road.
“So we made it a fast race at the start and made him kind of work for it. Usually he dominates us but we decided to give him a bit of a race. I’m still happy with that, it was probably my closest race with Jacob,” said Karamanolis.

Susannah Lynch of Wellington said that it was a lot harder this year defending her W16 5km title.
“My main rivals Jean (Kozyniak) and Ariana (Harper W19) were there this year so it was a bit daunting. I managed to stay in the top bunch but it was my goal to stick behind the top people and stay in front and pip them in the end. I ended up winning outright and I beat the W19 winner as well but only just,” said Lynch.
Lynch said that she now back to training for the world triathlon championships in Auckland next month.
“I have the world triathlon championships in October, I’m doing the sprint race so I’ve got a bit of training to do,” she added.

Senior 10,000m: Edwin Kaitany (Kenya) 30m 20s 1, Tim Hodge (Wgtn) 30m 45s 2, Evan Cooper (Wgtn) 30m 56s 3, Peter Meffan (Otago) 31m 2s 4, Steven O’Callaghan (WaikBoP) 31m 17s 5, Ben Barry (Wgtn) 31m 26s 6. Teams: Wellington 1, Auckland 2.
Masters 10,000m: 35-39: Simon Mardon (Tasman) 32m 31s 1, Johan Van Hoovels (Akld) 33m 38s 2, Dave Parsons (Wgtn) 33m 55s 3. Teams: Wellington 1, Auckland 2, Tasman 3. 40-44: Graeme Taylor (Tasman) 32m 32s 1, Todd Stevens (Wgtn) 33m 54s 2, Sasha Daniels (Akld) 34m 4s 3. 45-49: Robbie Johnston (Akld) 32m 53s 1, Richard Bennett (Cant) 33m 33s 2, David Carrigan (Wgtn) 34m 13s 3. 50-54: Cliff Bowman (Tasman) 33m 58s 1, Ricky Gutsell (Sthld) 35m 31s 2, Bruce Edwards (Waik/BoP) 35m 35s 3. Teams: Tasman 1, Wellington 2, Auckland 3. 55-59: Don Greig (Cant) 35m 15s 1, Gavin Stevens (Akld) 35m 28s 2, Tony Price (Wgtn) 36m 44s 3. 60-64: John Kent (Hatea) 40m 21s 1, Dave Mason (Wgtn) 41m 51s 2, Jonathan Harper (Wgtn) 44m 4s 3. 65-69: Brian Hayes (Wgtn) 40m 54s 1, Murray Clarkson (Waik/BoP) 41m 51s 2, Bob Stephens (Wgtn) 44m 54s 3. 70-74: Peter Ellis (Kapiti) 50m 44s 1, Jeremy Griffith (Manawatu/Wanganui) 59m 17s 2. 75-79: Sid Pavett (WaikBoP) 50m 54s 1, Len Wilson (Tech) 52m 55s 2, Peter Hanson (Olympic) 59m 7s 3.
M19 8000m: Matt Baxter (Taranaki) 24m 57s 1, Antonie Bonnet (Manawatu/Wanganui) 25m 16s 2, Tim Stewart (WaikBoP) 25m 26s 3. Teams: Wellington 1, Auckland 2, Canterbury 3.
M16 6000m: Jacob Priddey (WaikBoP) 18m 52s 1, Marcus Karamanolis (Wgtn) 18m 55s 2, Nicholas Pointon (Wgtn) 18m 57s 3. Teams: Wellington 1, Canterbury 2, Auckland 3.
M14 3000m: Tom Caughley (Wgtn) 9m 46s 1, Angus Bailey (Chch) 9m 53s 2, Callum Stewart (Wgtn) 9m 57s 3.
M12 2000m: Isaiah Priddey (Ham) 6m 39s 1, Logan Slee (Trentham) 6m 50s 2, Nikolai Allen (Trentham) 6m 56s 3.
Senior 10,000m: Sarah Drought (Wgtn) 34m 46s 1, Lisa Robertson (Akld) 34m 48s 2, Mikayla Nielsen (WaikBoP) 35m 8s 3, Rachel Kingsford (Otago) 35m 27s 4, Alexandra Williams 35m 45s 5, Alice Mason (Akld) 35m 59s 6. Teams: Wellington 1, Auckland 2.
Masters 5000m: 35-39: Stephanie MacKenzie (Wgtn) 18m 0s 1, Jackie Mexted (Wgtn) 18m 40s 2, Mandy Simpson (Wgtn) 19m 49s 3. Teams: Wellington 1, Manawatu/Wanganui 2, Auckland 3. 40-44: Wendy Cottrell-Teahan (Mantu/Wang) 18m 42s 1, Melissa Norris (Akld) 18m 54s 2, Sally Anderson (Wgtn) 19m 6s 3. 45-49: Gabrielle O’Rourke (Wgtn) 18m 39s 1, Patricia Sloan (Wgtn) 19m 20s 2, Sue Parcell (Akld) 19m 44s 3. 50-54: Julie Wilson (Otago) 19m 32s 1, Jane Pairman (Cant) 20m 20s 2, Debbie Telfer (Invgl) 20m 27s 3. 55-59: Michele Allison (Wgtn) 19m 45s 1, Karen Gillum-Green (Taranaki) 21m 46s 2, Liz Hardley (Tech) 23m 18s 3. 60-64: Bernie Portenski (Wgtn) 20m 42s 1, Judith Bradshaw (Hatea) 23m 2s 2, Jenny Mason (Wgtn) 23m 33s 3.
W19 5000m: Ariana Harper (Wgtn) 18m 13s 1, Emily Roughan (Taranaki) 18m 37s 2, Amy Shaw (Akld) 19m 9s 3. Teams: Auckland 1, Wellington 2.
W16 5000m: Susannah Lynch (Wgtn) 18m 7s 1, Jessica Morrison (Akld) 18m 10s 2, Jean Kozyniak (Wgtn) 18m 20s 3. Teams: Wellington 1, Auckland 2, Hawkes Bay Gisborne 3.
W14 3000m: Ari Graham (Phoenix) 10m 28s 1, Bayley-Rose Van de Coolwijk (Hutt Valley) 10m 32s 2, Serena Murrihy (Wgtn) 10m 36s 3.
W12 2000m: Mya Graham (Phoenix) 7m 12s 1, Kushla Smith (Olympic) 7m 13s 2, Lorna Pairman (Chch) 7m 16s 3.
Road Walks:
Senior 10,000m: Mike Parker (Akld) 50m 18s 1
Masters 10,000m: 40-44: Mike Morresey (Taranaki) 52m 14s 1. 45-49: John Roskvist (Trentham) 1h 5m 5s 1. M50-54: Des Hussey (Taranaki) 58m 46s 1, Rodney Gillum (Taranaki) 1h 1m 4s 2. M55-59: David Cushing (Manawatu/Wanganui) 1h 2m 8s 1, Philip Grimmett (Wgtn) 1h 12m 34s 2. 60-64: Eric Kemsley (Taranaki) 54m 56s 1, Peter Zwart (Manawatu/Wanganui) 56m 23s 2, Ian Bailey (Manawatu Wanganui) 1h 1m 56s 3. 65-69: Geoff Iremonger (Wgtn) 1h 9m 30s 1.
M19 5000m: Stuart Hood (Wgtn) 27m 34s 1.
M16 5000m: Jonathan Lord (Cant) 27m 12s 1, Jared Free (Akld) 27m 33s 2, Jamie Shaw (Nelson) 27m 47s 3.
Senior 10,000m: Roseanne Robinson (Otago) 50m 34s 1, Brooke Cowsill (Akld) 52m 02s 2, Lesley Cantwell (Fiordland) 55m 11s 3.
Masters 10,000m: 50-54: Terri Grimmett (Wgtn) 1h 2m 7s 1, Helen Baverstock (Taranaki) 1h 12m 31s 2. 55-59: Theresa Large (Taranaki) 1h 3m 0s 1, Anne Fraser (Taranaki) 1h 13m 5s 2. 60-64: Marlene White (Taranaki) 1h 5m 40s 1, Shirley Rolston (Port Hills) 1h 9m 20s 2. 65-69: Jacqueline Wilson (Wgtn) 1h 5m 48s 10
W19 5000m: Courtney Ruske (Chch) 24m 46s 1, Sarah-Amy Rhind (Akld) 31m 43s 2.
W16 5000m: Emma Dunbar (Akld) 32m 59s 1, Kerri Batin (Cant) 35m 25s 2.


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