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Adams shines on Day 2 at NZ Champs

Valerie Adams sets new record

Valerie Adams sets new record

Olympic and World shot put champion Valerie Adams finished off her down-under competitive season with a New Zealand all comers and resident record of 20.54m. It was Adams eleventh national shot put title.In perfect conditions in front of a bumper crowd Adams opened with 20.33m, fell out of the front in the next round with the record coming in her third attempt. This added 21 centimetres to her records set at the Auckland championships last month. Her national record set overseas is 21.07m.  “I came out today to try and break my own resident and all comers record; I’m really happy with my series, the best series this season, I’m pretty stoked to throw 20.54m today,” said Adams. “Competing in New Zealand is always hard to get out for, but hey man if I can do it here I can do it anywhere.”

Jacko Gill knocked off another world age record in the shot put claiming the world record for 16 and 17 year old with the 6kg shot with his performance of 21.34m. This improved on his own 16 year record of 20.76m and bettered the 17 record of 21.08m set by German David Storl in 2008. While pleased to get another couple of records Gill was disappointed he didn’t get out to 22.73m which would also give him the 18 and 19 records. “I definitely wanted a lot further today, but there are a lot of other opportunities to do it,” said Gill. “There are a few technique things that are wrong,” he added. Tom Walsh provided plenty of competition for Gill coming second with 19.91m.

Double silver medallist at the Delhi Commonwealth Games Nikki Hamblin comfortably won the first of her double title defenses the 800m in 2m 5.49s. She competes in the 1500m today.

Alex Jordan of Tasman was outstanding in the senior 400m winning in the third fastest time by a New Zealander of 46.40s.

400m: Alex Jordan (Tasman) 46.40s 1, Andy Moore (Otago) 46.88s 2, Tama Toki (Akld) 47.44s 3.
800m: Adrien Kela (N/Cal) 1m 51.68s 1, Aunese Curreen (NHB) 1m 51.70s 2, Michael Whitehead (Akld) 1m 52.33s 3, Tim Hawkes (Wgtn) 1m 52.70s 4, Matthew Harris (Cant) 1m 53.46s 5.
110m hurdles: Brent Newdick (Akld) 14.71s 1, Luke Reynolds (NHB) 15.07s 2, Nick Kalivati (Wgtn) 15.24s 3.
Discus throw: Marshall Hall (Otago) 53.23m 1, Kieran Fowler (Otago) 48.47m 2, Darron Haworth (Pal/Nth) 48.43m 3.
Long jump: Frederick Erin (N/Cal) 7.63m 1, Ryan Roselli (Wgtn) 7.36m 2, Newdick 7.36m 3, James Hutchens (Wgtn) 7.24m 4.
Pole vault: Newdick 4.25m 1, Ben Harrison (HawkesBayGis) 4.05m 2.
4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Isaac Tatoa, James Mortimer, Craig Bearda, Carl Van der Speck) 40.88s 1, Otago 42.15s 2, Tasman 43.00s 3.

400m: Mathew Robinson (Sthld) 47.78s 1, Andrew Whyte (Otago) 48.49s 2, Scott Burch (Manwtu/Wang) 48.52s 3.
800m: Glen Ballam (Sthld) 1m 51.33s 1, Julian Oakley (Waik/BoP) 1m 51.57s 2, Joshua Tattley (Akld) 1m 53.78s 3.
110m hurdles: Michael Cochrane (Waik/BoP) 14.11s 1, Peter Callagher (Akld) 14.23s 2, Stephen Isaac (Wgtn) 14.78s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Liam Walsh (Waik/BoP) 9m 58.15s 1, Luke Longdill (Akld) 10m 3.33s 2, Alex Fowler (Cant) 10m 6.77s 3.
Shot put: Jacko Gill (Akld) 21.34m (World best 16 and 17 year old, NZ M19, M18 record) 1, Tom Walsh (Cant) 19.91m 2, Nicholas Gerrard (Akld) 15.06m 3.
Javelin: Ben Langton-Burnell (Manwtu/Wang) 58.40m 1, Franco Patu (Wgtn) 54.92m 2, Cody Thomas (Tasman) 53.13m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Manawatu Wanganui (Zac Topping, Andy Kruy, Glen Matuschka, Scott Burch) 42.37s 1, Waikato Bay of Plenty 42.48s 2, Auckland 42.93s 3.

400m: Tom Symes (Manwtu/Wang) 49.64s 1, Thomas Martin (Cant) 50.34s 2, Jonty Rae (Waik/BoP) 50.61s 3.
800m: Kieron McDonald (Wgtn) 1m 58.60s 1, Charles Scannell (Wgtn) 1m 59.51s 2, Scott Hilliar (Waik/BoP) 1m 59.62s 3.
110m hurdles: Joshua Hawkins (Akld) 13.91s 1, Jack Henry (Cant) 14.88s 2, Luke Davison (Waik/BoP) 15.80s 3.
Hammer Throw: Alex Fafeita (Wgtn) 55.75m 1, Dean Rusbatch (Otago) 49.38m 2, Richard Callister (Akld) 46.35m 3.
Javelin throw: Kyle Van der Merwe (Taranaki) 56.13m 1, Liam Murphy (HawkeB/Gisb) 56.04m 2, Luke Davison (Waik/BoP) 54.30m 3.
Triple jump: William Cowper (Manwtu/Wang) 13.34m 1, Uriah O’Connor (Taranaki) 13.32m 2, Pascal Kethers (Akld) 13.18m 3.
High jump: Jordan Peters (Akld) 1.96m 1, Joseph Reynolds (Waik/BoP) 1.96m 2, Brent Cheshire (Otago) 1.84m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Kyle Trott, Joshua Hawkins, Louis Hill, Dalton Coppins) 43.59s 1, Manawatu/Wanganui 44.32s 2, Canterbury 44.64s 3.
400m: Louise Jones (Akld) 54.36s 1, Rebecca Gibson (Sthld) 56.53s 2, Lisa Osborne (HawksB/Gisb) 57.17s 3.
800m: Nikki Hamblin (Akld) 2m 5.49s 1, Anna Bramley (Akld) 2m 11.50s 2, Melanie Fayen (Wgtn) 2m 12.02s 3.
100m hurdles: Fiona Morrison (Cant) 13.60s 1, Sarah Cowley (Akld) 14.00s 2, Tracey Hale (Waik/BoP) 14.19s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Fiona Crombie (Cant) 10m 25.09s 1.
Shot put: Valerie Adams (Akld) 20.54m (NZ Allcomers and Resident record) 1, Ana Pouhila-Kisina (Tonga) 15.73m 2, Cowley 11.97m 3, Nicole Bradley (Otago) 11.22m 4.
Hammer throw: Julia Ratcliffe (Waik/BoP) 60.58m 1, Pouhila-Kisina 51.37m 2, Debbie McCaw (Otago) 50.38m 3, Bolanle Ogun (Nigeria) 49.79m 4, Millie McNie (Akld) 48.59m 5.
High jump: Cowley 1.84m 1, Elizabeth Lamb (Akld) 1.81m 2, Emma Sutherland (HawksB/Gisb) 1.77m 3.
Pole vault: Kerry Charlesworth (Akld) 3.90m 1, Lucy McGall (Akld) 3.59m 2.
4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Rochelle Coster, Monique Williams, Andrea Koenen, Nneka Okpala) 45.92s 1, Otago 46.93s 2, Canterbury 50.46s 3.
400m: Kristie Baillie (Waik/BoP) 54.81s 1, Angela Smit (Cant) 56.12s 2, Katrina Anderson (Akld) 56.35s 3.
800m: Angela Smit (Cant) 2m 7.62s 1, Rebekah Greene (Otago) 2m 7.74s 2, Hannah Newbould (Cant) 2m 11.44s 3.
100m hurdles: Kelsey Berryman (Cant) 14.26s 1, Portia Bing (Akld) 14.29s 2, Deirdre Anderson (Otago) 16.01s 3.
3000m steeplechase: Caroline Mellsop (Wgtn) 10m 28.21s 1, Florence Reynolds (Wgtn) 10m 53.01s 2, Christina Taylor (Sthld) 11m 16.40s 3.
Shot put: Siositina Hakeai (Akld) 14.08m 1, Leesa Lealaisalanoa (Wgtn) 12.81m 2, Che Kenneally (Aust) 12.35m 3, Nicole Bradley (Otago) 11.48m 4.
Hammer throw: Ratcliffe 61.98m 1, Kennaelly 47.43m 2, Bradley 46.43m 3, Rebecca Hodgson (Cant) 46.36m 4.
Long jump: Bing 5.54m 1, Toni Clinton (Akld) 15.51m 2, Berryman 15.39m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Toni Clinton, Portia Bing, Katrina Anderson, Zoe Ballantyne) 48.26s 1, Canterbury 49.19s 2, Waikato Bay of Plenty 49.29s 3.
400m: Ellie McCleery (Waik/BoP) 57.37s 1, Brooke Cull (Akld) 57.73s 2, Stephanie Dickins (Manwtu/Wang) 58.18s 3.
800m: Kerry White (Waik/BoP) 2m 12.21s 1, Maggie Unternahrer (Waik/BoP) 2m 12.73s 2, Ariana Harper (Wgtn) 2m 14.04s 3.
100m hurdles: Mackenzie Keenan (Cant) 14.14s 1, Paige Harwood (Akld) 14.63s 2, Ashleigh Sando (Waik/BoP) 15.31s 3.
Shot put: Hakeai 14.11m 1, Merewarihi Vaka (Akld) 12.79m 2, Kenneally 12.24m 3, Madeline Curruthers (Cant) 10.34m 4.
Discus throw: Vaka 48.80m 1, Hakeai 42.41m 2, Kenneally 41.05m 3, Courtney Clarke (Tasman) 35.77m 4.
Triple jump: Greer Alsop (Sthld) 11.94m 1, Jennifer Scott (Akld) 11.43m 2, Anna Thomson (Wgtn) 11.36m 3.
4 x 100m relay: Auckland (Louise Hodge, Brooke Cull, Grace Stewart, Merewarihi Vaka) 48.41s 1, Southland 49.89s 2, Canterbury 49.94s 3.

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