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Getting started – the Beginning

Getting started - the Beginning

Getting started – the Beginning

Okay, so you new to the game. Lets start from the beginning. There is no rush and there is no pressure, we will guide you from your first steps to your first paced run. Be it a run on your own or an organised event, such as a 5km.

Firstly, if you have not had a medical, please have one before you begin with the guidelines that follow. If anything happens to you, my wife will not forgive you. That’s right she wont forgive you, because I have given you the most sound advise to start with ” Get that medical”.

Buying the right running shoes for beginners

I take it you have the adequate shoes for this exercise? If not go to your local sports’ store and tell the salesperson the guy “on that website” told you to come and see him/her because they are going to give you the best service and the best price for a decent pair of running shoes. ‘Capiche’.

They will understand, make them an offer they can’t refuse.

Go look in the mirror and tell yourself this is the start of a new adventurous journey. Make the commitment to persevere with the program no matter how ‘easy’ or if difficult you find it. Set aside 1 hour for the whole routine, that is the amount of time you will need for your exercise, consisting of warm up, stretching, exercise routine and then warm down and further stretching. No disruptions and no mobile phones, this is your time. Give yourself the respect you deserve.

To start with you may choose the following days to exercise, Sunday then Tuesday then Thursday. What ever the schedule you set for yourself always give yourself a break/rest between the days you exercise.

So now you have the shoes, the attire which you feel comfortable in, nothing too tight fitting and the time.

Now where were we? Rule number one, we are not catching a train or a bus, so take things easy and slowly. Remember ‘No rush’. The whole intention is to get you to a set target with a series of guidelines that will help you achieve this without the fear of injury and with the least amount of ‘aches and pains’.

Find your category The Absolute beginners or the beginners.

The absolute beginners
Will start with an activity which will consist of three 20 minute periods of exercise, consisting of paced walking. Not to worry this will be for the first 2 weeks to introduce you to the routine. If you cannot fit these 2 weeks into a routine, resign from your job before you ‘give up’ on this program.

Paced walking
Paced walking is best described by reaching a maximum speed without lifting both feet off the ground at one time. One foot should always be on the ground. If you lift both feet that is running and that is not the aim. Get into a nice smooth rhythm, swinging your arms, bent at a 45 degree angle, so that your hand comes to chin level in front of you. Swing the other arm, 45 degree angle, backwards so that the elbow is in unison with the hand in front of you. The intensity of the walk will be determined by your arms and not your legs, so swing your arms to the speed you would like your legs to move. During these 2 weeks your sole purpose is to get used to the new routine in your life, as well as the ‘weight bearing exercise’ you are partaking in.

The beginners  (Do note, when it says run, start off slowly, don’t start off too fast)
Will start with 30 minute periods of exercise, 3 times per week for the next 2 weeks. The activity will consist of the ‘lifting of both feet’ from the ground. This is termed running/jogging. During these 2 weeks, you may switch to ‘paced walking’ at any time you so desire. However, if you have to walk more than you run, rather stick with the absolute beginners. The popular advise would be to start with the walk and then to begin with the ‘lifting of both feet’. So you break your 30 minutes down into the following routine: paced walk 10 minutes, the ‘lifting of both feet’ for 15 minutes then 5 minutes paced walk to finish with.

At no time should you be out of breath to the point where you have to stop. Neither should you feel nausea or light-headedness. Remember there is no train to catch and you will reach your destination if you take things easy.

The reason behind taking things easy, is that ‘cardiovascularly’ you may feel very comfortable, however your bones and ligaments take longer to adapt to the weight bearing exercise.

These two weeks followed by Week 3

Here Now: ‘The footwear out there – shoes, shoes, everywhere and not a foot to spare. Part 1

Author: Gavin Doyle

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