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My first 5km race

Dazzle the Run
Welcome to my; me Dizzy Daisy’s report back. You can follow me as I dazzle the world with my style and excellence with some exercise thrown in to simply exalt . And do remember, we don’t sweat, we glow. We are just exquisite.

This was DizzyDaisy’s first 5km run where she participated in a race and by all accounts she did splendidly well – TheEd

Well you know, I had visions of me wearing gorgeous pink running shoes to my first event and moi, blossoming in all the glory of competing.

In truth, I thought I would have been nervous, I was n’t nervous I was positively choking. I was so concerned about my attire and whether my ample derrière would show in the wonderful lycra tights I had decided to flourish forth in.

I wanted to run near a pond, because as you know I ‘loov’ water. I got myself signed up for an event in Hyde Park, and everything simply started going boom, tarra, boom with my little blood pumper.

I was seriously so excited to be running this distance in an event and there were just so many others around, I don’t know who was more privileged, me or them, them for having me there or for me having them there. I felt a touch Mary Poppinish, wanting to float off into the air at a whim.

Exciting alright. I got there early and stretched my fettle, I had paid attention to detail and did all the necessary before arriving, there was no way I was going to embarrass myself queuing for those blue porta thingies, no way.

There were plenty, and I mean plenty of other likewise lasses out for the run. To have so many other ‘combatants’ was both exciting and stimulating.

I was ready, I had listened to the advice regarding my pre-race preparation and eating, and had arrived ‘ready to rumble’. I had hydrated sufficiently up to an hour before the race and had been warned that pre-race nerves would lead to the feeling of needing to use the loo, so had gone extensively before arriving at the event.

OK, I admit it, I still needed to go to the porta loo before the race, though I knew this was expected 🙂

All part of the wonderful exciting world of my first event, NOT 😉

I had avoided standing too close to the front but was soon to learn that many of the ‘slower’ runners had gone and stood in front, I shall learn from this. I had to dodge and weave so much to pass the very much slower runners than myself, and I am not quick, hitting top speed in my waddle is never going to break any land speed records however I was pleased to note that I continued to overtake others on my sojourn.

Believe it or not, I had secretly set myself the time of 7 minutes per kilometer and was very very satisfied to have finished with a time of 34.53. I do believe TheEd would have given me a large hug had he been around to see marvellous ‘moi’ after the 5km.

There were times during the run where thirst certainly did get the better of me and unfortunately there were no water-points along the route, though I suppose it was over just as I needed to relieve my thirst the most.

Still, I do believe there should be a water-point as there were a lot of others behind me, yes, there were plenty of flaggingly thirsty joggers and walkers after my 35 minutes.

I was most happy after my run and I had achieved running my first 5km and in a time I was very happy with.

I may just enjoy this running lark after-all

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