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Dizzy Daisy background

Dizzy Daisy Delight

Well here I am, the upper levels of Time-to-Run Beginners’ department have spoken me into getting my chassis into gear and getting onto a program with them. As a duckling I was never ugly and I enjoyed water sports the most. Yes, I could waddle a little however that is as far as my little feet would take me. 

Now here I am with all the right intentions and I hope that I am truly able to continue in my pursuit of gaining my perfect figure. Summer has not been the same for me for a number of years, I have not ruffled anyone’s feathers of recent with my shape and stunning looks. So let me get to it and focus on what needs to be done.

Well, I have been asked to provide some personal details so you are able to get a better idea of how fetching I am.

My Personal Me
Ht: I am still able to go on all the kiddie rides at the fair
Wt: I shall not tell
Shoe size: Darn small
Running Shoe: If it fits wear it
Shoe: Those Five fingers do tickle my fancy though I for then life of me can’t get into them
Hatching: 06/09/69

and here I was in the past discussing my tilt towards this fitness lark

Same time next year by Dizzy Daisy

and by the way, they say it is a ‘lighthearted look at running’ however do let me tell you I take this all rather seriously, I tell you

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