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My first attempt

The nest for me

Welcome to my, me Dizzy Daisy’s report back. You can follow me as I dazzle the world with my style and excellence with some exercise thrown in to simply exalt . And do remember, we don’t sweat, we glow. We are just exquisite.


I was mean, I was keen, I was simply going to do it. But no, the nasty part of nature attacked me in full force and did it’s utmost to drain me of my energy and enthusiasm. I quickly called out to the Time-to-Run Beginners’ department and they assured me that this can so often happen during the early stages when the body begins its adaptation to exercise.

Shaken, stirred and on occasion downed.

I had flu, and not the one over a cuckoos nest but the one where your feathers are surely ruffled and the nest is the only refuge. I did feel sorry for myself, I am gorgeous, I don’t deserve such afflictions related to one’s heart and lungs to debilitate me. My heart is for love, it pumps the harmony of life through my veins. It provides me with the energy to enthral, dazzle and bewitch. Oh bother, I did well and truly feel sorry for myself in rather large doses.

I was in a terrible tizz, I was letting those wonderful fellows and gals  from “time-to-run” down. I am not one for lying around, unless of course showing my fine form alongside a glorious pool. And do note, never the beach, the sand and I don’t agree, never have and never will. Who in their right mind would put such coarse sand next to so much water, God only knows. Build me a deck any day.

No matter how much they attempted to reassure me that things like this happen, just like Forest Gump. I still felt as though my reputation and gloriousness was at stake.  After almost 14 days of trying to shake off the effects of sinusitis and the not so wonderful lung infection; that had preyed havoc with my upper respiratory system, I bolted out the door in all my splendour.

I felt great, I felt wonderful, I am wonderful. With this feel good factor and the ever nagging warnings echoing in my head from the ‘team’, I threw myself straight back into exercise. I ignored their heeding and afterall, I had seen the doctor and had taken my medicine. Alternative methods had been suggested, however time was short and I had a date with my diary.

I got it all wrong, and had to return to the nest for a day. They had told me to keep an eye on my morning pulse, some warnings of an infection sometimes attacking the muscles and doing a ‘linger longer’, even though I had felt better.

After the minor setback, I returned with more caution than a chicken crossing the road.

I listened, I walked and did so slowly. I was not in a rush and I simply don’t do buses.

I was going to succeed.

I was an Absolute Beginner and was doing things oh so well. Just to be moving was invigorating, glorious, superb.

Oh, I was such a happy duck, and this time I will make it past the first 3 weeks.

Yes, I will.

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