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Progression, albeit slowly

Welcome to my; me Dizzy Daisy’s report back. You can follow me as I dazzle the world with my style and excellence with some exercise thrown in to simply exalt . And do remember, we don’t sweat, we glow. We are just exquisite.

This is DizzyDaisy’s second report back and she is now closer to running her first 5K – TheEd

Ready to Run

After the health problems at the start, I began to make progress. The setbacks of the previous month were beginning to fade and I was proving to myself what a thoroughly delightful duck I am and that I could indeed do this exercise lark.

Ooops, just don’t mention the larks.

Then it happened, curse of all curses, the ‘feathered gods’ were sending further trials my way, I had developed what was a pain in my lower leg, and what was to become known to me as Shinsplints. TheEd, had spoken to me; he can at times, be so annoying being right about matters and even if he had explained that it was one of the 5 most common running injuries and that this would often happen to a beginner, it still gave me no solace.

I had done my listening, which for me is quite a task, as I have many faults but being wrong is not one of them, perfection is in my blood, I do stress.

I had my very own course mapped out around my nearest pond and I was quite delighted with my lot. It was a delightful course, with plush grass nearby and plenty of water to keep the faint at heart happy. Oh, I was in bliss, with a touch of an ever so slight uphill gradient and a terrific tumble down, all rather jolly.

But now I had ‘achy breaky’ leggie and without a saving Cyrus in sight.

I began my icing, my stretching, my eyebrow plucking, everything I had read and had been instructed to do with regards to dealing with this oh so unpleasant ‘ailment’.

Frustration had become my middle name on occasion and here I had been oh so good, beyond good for a sweetie like me, and here I was still being punished with this infliction which was surely reserved for lesser mortals than my specific brilliance.

Now now, this was becoming an enjoyable experience; while out on my waddles, I was making Miss Piggie look surprisingly gracious, with my attempt at shortening my tender waddle pattern. Holding the correct form was seeming to make me receive some harsh and peculiar looks, but maybe it could have been my neon orange leggings.

Boy are those so divine.

I had even taken to dipping my legs into ponds, which were icy to say the least, all this they say is helpful, at that time of year I call it insane.

Things were beginning to turn round though, the shin splints were becoming a thing of the past, I was beginning to feel that I was making progress as I didn’t seem to suffer that much. Other than a shortness of breath and I was beginning to accept that it would take time for the ‘waddling’ to become easier. It was just surely just around the next corner.

I have worked on my breathing, I was taking two breaths in and letting one out with each alternate patter of my glorious feet. However, I was finding that this leaving me really short of breath. I needed to stop more often on occasion, this I am sure saved my delightful legs from becoming too tired, and especially the day after, I did not feel all at pain. The sings were good, the omens were grand, I was making progress. Hoorah.

And now there were plans that needed to be made for me to participate in an event. Wowtzee.

I have set my day, I shall be romping in a Park Run welly welly soon.

I am so so excited, and I just can’t hide it and I am so looking forward to my event

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