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Fat Reduction Pills will not make you fitter

Fat Reduction Pills will not make your heart stronger, will not increase your other muscles endurance, or teach you to cope with food and life. Your circulation will remain stagnant. Fat reduction pills will not make you fitter. Exercise raises your self esteem because you have taken control of your body.

  • All Fat Reduction (Fat Blocker) Pills, just like their predecessors, will not make your heart stronger, your circulation better, or raise your self-esteem.
  • Fat Potions Keep You Inactive!
  • Don’t take anti-fat absorption pills which will give you fecal leakage, plus other side effects.
  • Don’t think you’re doing the body a favour by eating fat products which cannot be absorbed–the bloating and diarrhea are unfair exchanges for cheating the intestines.
  • Don’t take metabolism stimulation pills either. None of these will make your heart stronger, your circulation better, or raise your self-esteem. Exercise does all three, and more.
  • Exercise raises your metabolism, burning excess fat. Exercise cures bloating, while suppressing appetite.
  • Eating healthy foods has no side effects; and it requires no prescriptions.
  • You won’t see a pharmaceutical company spending millions to promote healthy eating; for the same reason you’ll never see a tobacco company encourage healthy breathing.
  • Make lifestyle changes for a healthy life…don’t sell your self-esteem to a pill.

You can avoid fecal leakage, intestinal bloating and diarrhea by adopting sensible eating and regular exercise habits.

Time-to-Run Contributor Dave Spence