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Make Your Own Healthy Muesli


Muesli is a filling and quick breakfast and snack. Little yogurt, then muesli and some fruit or berries on top and there you have it – quick and healthy!

Healthy Muesli

One usually considers muesli a healthy meal, however, most of the muesli in the supermarkets are filled with sweeteners and fats to make it appeal to our taste better and look more appealing. Where as there are some sugar and fat free alternatives, they can often be quite bland and dry – mixture of dry cereal with few nuts and raisins.

Healthier “luxury” mueslies are often expensive.

That is why you should make your own muesli! It is easy and this way you get to choose the ingredients you put in there.

You can make it gluten free, wheat free, nut free, sugar free – the way you fancy. With only few spices you can make
the muesli tasty and roasting it in the oven makes it crispy. It only takes 10 minutes to make the muesli itself and
about half an hour to roast dry it.

As a base we use oat flakes and bran. If you want your muesli gluten free use oat bran. Just make sure the oats you buy are gluten free oats. Seeds are cheaper than nuts. That is why we have used more seeds compared to nuts. If you prefer, you can use more nuts and less seeds. The ratio is up to you.

We have used a small amount of honey to give our muesli little sweetness. You are welcome to use other sweeteners if you prefer.

After the muesli has come out of the oven we have added some dried fruit to add to the flavour. Our favourites are dates and figs. Raisins and apricots go also well and why not try banana or coconut flakes.

This is a basic recipe that can be changed according to your taste and ingredients available. If you like cinnamon, add about a tea spoon of it into the dry ingredients before adding the liquid. Try some dried apple with it but only add the apple after the muesli has been roasted.

Muesli Recipe

7-10 dl oat flakes
2 dl bran (e.g. oat, wheat)
3 dl seeds (e.g. sunflower, pumpkin)
1,5 dl nuts (according to taste)
2 dl water
2 tl salt
1-2 tbls coconut oil
1-2 tbls honey
dried fruit

Measure the dry ingredients into a large mixing bowl. Nuts can be chopped into smaller pieces. Measure water, salt, coconut oil and honey into a pot. Heat until salt and honey have dissolved.

Pour the liquid onto the dry ingredients and mix until the flakes have all taken in some of the moisture. Easiest way to mix is to use your hand but a wooden spatula does the trick too. Add liquid if necessary. The muesli should be enough moist and form small lumps.

Spread the muesli evenly onto a baking tray covered with baking parchment. Let is dry and roast at 150-175 C for about half an hour.

Keep your eye on the muesli and the oven temperature, as the muesli browns too much easily. Mix and turn every 5-10 minutes towards the end of roasting. It should be evenly golden brown and dry.

NOTE: Add any dry fruit after the muesli has been taken out of the oven. In my opinion, roasting fruit changes too much of their flavour. I add the fruit directly after I have taken the muesli out and it is still hot. I chop the fruit with scissors.

Let the muesli cool down completely before putting it into a jar to store it.

Give it a go and discover your own favourite muesli.

Muesli Recipe: Piia Doyle