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Same time next year by Dizzy Daisy

A lighthearted look at running from a different perspective

Same time next year by Dizzy Daisy My Life Fitness

Here I was starting out on the road to personal discovery and had moved towards the realms of improving my life fitness.

I had done all the low fat cooking, the low fat diet and had skirted towards trying the low carb diet, and however I always seemed to return to the same starting point, like a hamster on a treadmill. On each occasion my food costing went sky high after I splurged on the low fat cheesecake and the depression induced liquid diet that did nothing to improve my self-esteem. During these states of anguish I even burned the sport bra with the so-called fat burning clothes.

I’ll give you high blood pressure

Well, here I am 6 months later having sold the fitness rowing machine, ‘detoxed my body with filtration water and yet again improved my food hygiene. Coming back to the fitness training or as some army corporal would shout, your basic training. The doctor has yet again ordered me to concentrate on lowering my high blood pressure. Well, of course you would get annoyed if you are told that your blood type is not right for diet. I almost threw the blood pressure machine through the ‘danged’ window when I heard that all the low calorie diets in the world would not help my body type.So what now, do I con the insurance man and take his free insurance medical so that I can get all the parts and whistles tested to avoid people needing to put their flower order in when hearing about my sudden demise. Well, family travel, to such occasions can be quite rewarding if you can fit it in with the right car hire including sand, sea and sun.

Clear the clotheshorse

Roll out the fitness ball, I am going to change my ways, I will clear the bike trainer that has been used as a clotheshorse for too long. I shall dig out the old freestyle heart rate monitor and will stop oil painting classes; they weren’t helping my blood pressure anyway. I shall again secure my financial freedom by avoiding those fad diets. Well, until the next time. And I will use the Beginner’s program to enhance my life fitness, bring the low blood sugar back into sync and strive to become a more dedicated ‘jogger’.Well, we need to walk before we can jog. Bin the low carbohydrate bread for now. Stock up with vitamin b5 and vitamin b17, get out the running shoes, purchase the sport bra without the fat burning clothes and head towards the door to discovery.

Now could someone please show me how to open my car from the inside?

The first in a number of articles by Dizzy Daisy in her attempt to avoid the pitfalls of life’s excesses.


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