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The food guide pyramid

Nutrition Group

Nutrition Group

The Food Guide Pyramid most people are familiar with the basic four food groups plan, findings revealed the shortcomings of the ‘basic four’ and was thus re-modeled to form the food guide pyramid. The food guide pyramid is easier for the general public to understand.

A minimum amount of daily servings from each group is displayed as well as an example of the source of foods from each group. This approach to sound nutrition maintains the concept of the four food groups, emphasis however, is focused on grains, vegetables, and fruits as the basis of the diet.

The Food Guide Pyaramid

The Food Guide Pyaramid

Carbohydrate-rich foods (the breads and cereals, group) form the foundation of the diet. The other food groups are shown according to their relative importance in a healthy diet, food sources high in animal protein, lipids,
and dairy products are downplayed. In the pyramid a major change is shown by the splitting of the fruit and vegetable
group into two distinct groups, each with their own daily serving recommendation. Serving size and the number of servings should be regulated according to growth needs, level of physical activity, and the maintenance of a wanted body weight.

Fats form only the apex (tip) of the pyramid, this is to stress the importance that fats should make up a minimal amount of your daily calorie intake. Note that there is no minimum number of servings prescribed as
people tend to consume far too much of this particular group.

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  1. Aishwarya Saraf says

    Why fats are shown at the apex of food pyramid?

    • timeadmin says

      Hi Aishwarya, this is the original Food Pyramid to which a great amount of study and the tried and tested method was applied. Most athletes at the top level have used this over the years, when a new Food Pyramid is made available on a larger scale, then in all likelihood a different Food Pyramid will become the norm. Hope this helps in reply. TheEd


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