Hampton Court Half Marathon

Time-to-Run are happy to announce that we are partnering with the Hampton Court Half Marathon on the 23rd February 2014, by providing downloadable training programs as well as an opportunity for feedback and advice on our Training Feedback forum.

see the downloadable programs: Hampton Court Half Marathon Training

The programs are available from Level 1 to Level 4

Level 1 .. The absolute beginner, who simply wants to make the distance

Level 2 .. the beginner / novice runner who wants to run the whole distance

Level 3 .. For those aiming for a sub 2hr

Level 4 .. for the more ambitious runner who wants to go sub 1Hr 45 minutes and faster

A forum has been set-up –  Hampton Court Half Marathon forum

You can post as a GUEST only in this forum, for the rest of the forums you need to register