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How to Get Proper Nutrition as a Vegan Runner

Nutrition as a Vegan Runner - Maybe you want to train for a marathon. Perhaps you want to get more out of every mile. … [Read more...]

Energy Sources: Proteins

This article is the 3rd in the series that started with Article 1 - Energy Sources and was followed by Article 2 - … [Read more...]

Energy Sources: Fats

This article continues on from Article 1 - Energy Sources Fats Fats are also considered to be an essential component … [Read more...]

Energy Sources

  This article will list and discuss the various energy sources available which supply the body with the necessary … [Read more...]

Male eating disorders

Eating disorders are not just a female problem. Eight percent of elite male athletes in Norway suffer from some type of … [Read more...]

Side Effects and Legal aspects of Omega

Are there any side effects? The greatest risk of fish oil omega-3 supplementation is heavy metal poisoning by the … [Read more...]

What are the benefits for sportsmen?

There is much research emerging showing the benefits of fatty acids, including an interesting study undertaken in … [Read more...]

Best source and dose

What is the best source and what is the correct dose? Omega fatty acids can be found in fatty fish such as … [Read more...]

Omega Fatty Acids – a Hype or Help?

Take a tour of any supermarket today, and you will be struck by the number of margarine tubs, cooking oils and even … [Read more...]

Omega Fatty Acids – What are Omega fatty acids?

There are two essential fatty acids that contribute to a healthier heart and they are part of the so-called “omega” … [Read more...]