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Who is Doctor Andrew Bosch?

Andrew was born in East London, South Africa and attended Selborne College. He has a PhD in exercise physiology and has recorded a time of 31min 20sec for 10km he has excelled over various distances with a best time of 2Hr 22min for the marathon.

He has placed 3rd in The Knysna Marathon and has also achieved the distinction of running a sub 6Hr Comrades (90km). On these achievements alone you would place him in the Elite category as an athlete however it is in the field of Exercise Physiology where he has scaled greater heights and it is in this area where Andrew will be contributing with the vast knowledge and experience he has acquired over the years.

He obtained degrees from the University of Natal, Rhodes and University of Cape Town with the Highest Qualification: PhD in exercise physiology.

Dr. Andrew Bosch is the Honorary Senior Lecturer in the MRC/UCT Research Unit for Exercise Science and Sports Medicine. The Unit is located in the Sports Science Institute of South Africa, Cape Town. He is the Head of the Road Running Division of the High Performance Centre within the Institute. The aim of the High Performance Centre is to assist runners (or want to be runners) of all abilities in achieving their running goals.

Andrew’ particular interest is in the optimisation of endurance exercise performance. Some of this work is of academic interest, but there is a practical application of the findings. The findings have resulted in 16 publications in international scientific journals. He has presented papers at international congresses, written articles for numerous running publications and has lectured on various running-related topics.

Over the forthcoming months ‘the ABC – The Andrew Bosch Corner‘ will be supplying you, the browser, with an enormous wealth of information and feedback, and it is with this in mind that we welcome Dr. Andrew Bosch of the Sports Science Institute of South Africa in Cape Town, to the pages of Time-to-Run

The Great VO2 max Myth

The Great VO2 max Myth

The Great VO2 max Myth

The Great VO2 max Myth by Doctor Andrew Bosch

I often receive telephone calls from runners wanting to know if it would be possible to measure their VO2 max. My standard answer is something along the lines that it is, indeed, possible. [Read more…]

Lactic acid and running: myths, legends and reality

Lactic acid and running

Lactic acid and running

This article; Lactic acid and running: myths, legends and reality by Doctor Andrew Bosch

Most runners still believe that lactic acid is released during hard or unaccustomed exercise and that this is what limits running performance, as well as being the cause of stiffness. Neither is correct. But not even is the terminology of “lactic acid”. [Read more…]

Collapse in the heat

Collapse in the heat

Collapse in the heat

Collapse in the heat by Doctor Andrew Bosch

Historically, the understanding has been that runners collapse (often at the end of races) due to dehydration. This is popularly thought to be more likely when the environmental temperature is high and dehydration more severe. The term heat exhaustion has been used to describe a mild form of the condition, while heat stroke has been used to describe a more advanced stage of heat exhaustion. [Read more…]

Post run stiffness

Post run stiffness by Doctor Andrew Bosch

Lactic acid build-up is the cause of post hard-run stiffness ……. Wrong! Most runners believe that the stiffness and muscle pain felt after a marathon or hard run is caused by lactic acid. While this was believed correct some decades ago, we now know that lactic acid, or more correctly, lactate, is not the cause of stiffness. [Read more…]