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Health and Exercise during Covid-19

Coronavirus and Exercise – Never before has human health and fitness been impacted in the way currently being experienced.

Health and Exercise during Covid-19

Make no bones about it, the disruption to order and aspects that made up our daily routine have changed to accommodate how we combat this unseen enemy called Covid-19

Currently, with some countries ordering people not to go out to exercise, there has been a surge in the amount of online exercise being streamed live, so that you are able to join in. The exercises provided include burpees and a number of variations to stretching, which all makes it interesting. On days when rest and relaxation is part of your recovery from the previous day’s training, settling down to watch movies or trying your luck with online gambling is a great alternative. This may also give you the opportunity to stimulate your down time during the lockdown. Even though the need to exercise is still very strongly there in the runner’s psyche, relaxation is also an important aim during this pandemic period.

With people being either ordered or asked to self isolate and stay indoors is having a massive impact across the world on everyone’s daily running or exercise routine. Though it could be considered fun to lounge about and make the most of online gambling. The need to exercise is still very strongly there in the runner’s psyche.

What to do and how to do it

The most simple of to do’s is to do everything in moderation. The idea to maintain training to achieve a goal should be sidelined for now. Focus should be on ironing out the old niggles and focusing a little more on the often neglected overall body strength.

Running training during coronavirus

Many may wonder how the coronavirus epidemic around us is affecting training, and whether it is safe to continue normal training.

In many countries, sports venues are closed and some of Finland‘s sports centers have closed their doors so far to slow down the spread of the epidemic. Yes, it forcibly makes you wonder if a treadmill workout is worth it in the heat of the hall, omit this batch and go out instead.

Yes it is worth it! In some countries, outdoor mobility is also restricted quite a bit, and you are not allowed to leave your home for miles further. Fortunately, we still have permission to go out, and for that it is worth taking all the pleasure out now. Safety distances remembering of course.

Regular training strengthens resistance and even in this stressful Corona situation, regular exercise is good. It is good for both the body and the head.

However, the effect of training should now be relaxed and enjoy lighter runs and focus on taking pleasure from the fresh outdoor air and the fact that you have movement at all. Awareness of the coronavirus, concern for one’s own or one’s neighbour’s health, situations that have changed with the circumstances at work and at home can naturally cause stress.

The state of stress in the body, either directly or indirectly through bad sleeping patterns, this affects your immune system unfavorably and lowers the threshold to become ill.

If training on our programs, we would like to make the recommendation to all, to cutback on intense training during the COVID-19 outbreak. Take your previous 6 x 1km session highest heart rate reading and during this period of training keep the pulse at least 5 to 10 seconds below that high heart rate reading.

You can also access the forums to see what others are doing during this period

Take care and exercise caution

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