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Blessing and a Curse

The 2020 Summer Olympics was just another casualty of the global pandemic, and the world-class athletes who trained their entire lives for their moment in the sun had to put their dreams on hold for at least a year after it was announced … [Read more...]

Plan your training to achieve

How to create a successful training program while maintaining a balanced life at the same time. It's like baking a cake. … [Read more...]

Personal Trainer May Be the Best Fitness Decision

It has become well established that a personal trainer can help people as they exercise and eat towards their fitness and health goals. However, there are some basic misconceptions about what a personal trainer can do for the beginner … [Read more...]

6 Lifestyle Tips for Beginner Runners

Taking up running is one of the best things that you can do for your health. Even those early runs where you finish a short distance, exhausted, achy, and feeling a bit sick, go a long way to improving your cardiovascular health, boosting … [Read more...]

Leg workout for distance runners

As a distance runner, the better your strength training routine, the better your overall running performance, and the better you'll avoid injury. In addition to weight lifting, you can make your workouts more effective by incorporating … [Read more...]