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How to Spend Your Time Recovering from an Injury

Injuries are the worst part of running, and while they’re usually avoidable, most runners end up with an injury at some point. While injured, it’s always best not to run in case you make your injury worse, but there are plenty of things you … [Read more...]

Some of the Best Sports That Include Running

Running is an important part of people’s lives. It’s a decent exercise that pretty much everyone can do. It's also part of many sports that have been popular for ages. … [Read more...]

The importance of running stats in the modern world

For a runner, keeping a record of statistics is increasingly becoming a major part of the experience. Whether it’s tracking your heartbeat as you go up an incline or simply working out how much ground you’ve covered in a single day, it’s … [Read more...]

Training hard and avoiding injury – how do they do it?

Ask any professional athlete or recreational lifter what their main concerns are when it comes to training, and they’ll almost certainly mention injuries. … [Read more...]

How to plan your running route

If you are one of the many individuals who took up running during the pandemic, you might also have found yourself sticking to the same running route near your home. For many of these people, the familiarity of this loop might be exactly … [Read more...]