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Stiff or Sore? How to Speed Up Muscle Recovery

Muscle recovery - We all know how important regular exercise is for our health and wellbeing. Whether you’re about to start exercising, or you’re a fitness fanatic, it’s hard to escape stiff and sore muscles from time to time. … [Read more...]

Are Virtual Runners set to be the Next Big Thing?

Virtual Runners - Nearly every industry in the world is looking at ways to incorporate virtual reality, a technology which is expected to take the planet by storm in the next few years. Indeed, projections suggest that VR could spike … [Read more...]

5 Joint Care Tips for Runners

Bad knees and other joint complaints are commonplace with runners. There’s a variety of reasons for this concern, which should be addressed as early as possible to avoid unnecessary injuries. … [Read more...]

Warming Up Cold Legs Before Your Winter Run 

The need for warming up cold legs before your winter run . Are you the kind of runner who goes out like the postal service — neither snow, nor sleet, nor wind, nor hail keeps you from your workout? If so, kudos on your dedication! … [Read more...]

What Makes Running A Bet-Worthy Sport

Sports betting is literally the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it is a form of entertainment that you can enjoy with friends and family. Sport brings people together, and there is a lot of passion and intensity involved in it all. On … [Read more...]