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The Story of How Normal Running Got Started

Have you ever pondered the origins of running as a beloved sport and fitness activity? Journey through time with us as we delve into the captivating history of running, rich with tales of perseverance, resilience, and victory. … [Read more...]

5 Post-Run Recovery Dos and Don’ts

Every runner must have a strong pre- and post-session ritual. You are not only putting your physical health at risk but your mental health too if you sustain an injury or have to stop working out as a result of burnout. … [Read more...]

Who Are the Fastest Players at Man City

There are three main reasons why most people run. To lose weight and stay in shape, for the sheer pleasure of doing so – or to challenge their body and achieve their optimum personal best. … [Read more...]

How to Start Running for Weight Loss

Numerous exercises can help you lose weight. All of them have their challenges and barriers to entry, including the specialist kit that is out of the reach of many. … [Read more...]

These exciting running events are still to come this year

In 2022, there are still a few running events that will almost certainly be particularly exciting. In October as well as in November and December, fans of running can enjoy the various events and really get excited. … [Read more...]