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The Best Foods For A Runners Diet

Being an athlete means burning calories as food is fuel. This is why it’s so important to watch what you eat so that you can get all the miles you need to keep you going.

Best Foods For A Runners Diet

Running is a popular sport and with great betting odds riding on a number of international marathons, there are a great number of diet tips from leading runners around the world. Here is your detailed guideline to the best menu options tailored for runners.


This is a great high carb energy booster food. The potassium found in bananas is just the right amount needed before a run. The further the run the better the nutrients of bananas go for you. Bananas help build the strength needed for further distances.


Boost your day by kicking it off with oats, the staple diet of runners looking for a high carb meal. Oatmeal is also incredibly filling, allowing you to go all the way in your day and still fir in a run. Oats is also high in fibre and increases blood sugar levels for optimal energy.

Peanut Butter

Everybody loves peanut butter ad you can make an especially enjoyable peanut smoothie. Vitamin E is found in peanut butter and is an effective antioxidant. Peanut butter isn’t low calorie and is rather fattening, but it is a great ingredient to help lower cholesterol and it generates a great deal of protein.


Apart from being a very popular food to mix in with almost any dish, the veggie is fully loaded with vitamin C which is a great vitamin for runners. Vitamin C repairs muscles so, after a long run, food like broccoli is ideal for recovery. The vegetable is also a great source of calcium and vitamin K which is ideal for strengthening bones. Pair broccoli and salmon for the ultimate booster meal.

Plain Yoghurt

This dairy enhanced food is a great food to add to smoothies or eat on its own. The reason for its popularity amongst runners is due to its complex combination of carbohydrates and proteins, both essential to a runner’s body to burn fuel for strength and duration. The food is also loaded with amino acids. Eat directly after a run to recover muscle injury and

Dark Chocolate

This one is for the runner with a sweet tooth. The high percentage of cacao lowers blood sugar and helps reduce inflammation. Combined with nuts, this can be a power booster meal which will boost alertness, eliminating fatigue.

Whole Grain Pasta

This is a great food to consume the night before an early morning marathon. The slow release of energy is essential for long distance runs and contains loads of vitamins and nutrients.

Prepare your body for the gruelling marathons ahead and eat foods which you will benefit from. Check out some recipes to change up these fuel foods and add some more ingredients into the mix to give yourself all the vitamins and nutrients you need to win that upcoming race.

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