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Some of the Best Sports That Include Running

Running is an important part of people’s lives. It’s a decent exercise that pretty much everyone can do. It's also part of many sports that have been popular for ages. … [Read more...]

How going for a run can have a real benefit when playing sport

When the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic back in March of 2020, people were suddenly stuck at home not knowing what to with themselves. In the modern era, people had been busy, either working or socialising, not leaving much time … [Read more...]

Should Running Sports Embrace Sports Betting?

Wondering why running is not featured at many sportsbooks? Let’s take a look at why this sport is overlooked in the world of betting. … [Read more...]

How to Be Courteous of Social Distancing While Running 

If you are a runner, you may not have missed a single day of training during the COVID-19 pandemic unless you lived in a city with a strict lockdown order. Maybe you were even like the French fellow who ran a full marathon on his balcony! … [Read more...]

Don’t underestimate running in multi-sports events

To be successful in a triathlon, heptathlon or decathlon, you need to be proficient in several sporting disciplines. Each of these events includes running, and the level of ability that can be demonstrated isn’t to be underrated if you want … [Read more...]