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The Benefits of Music: How It Helps You Train, Run and Recover Faster!

Every runner will eventually realise the importance of music for passing time on a run. It’s a great distraction when in that familiar autopilot mode on a regular route. Let’s face it, your journey will become dull and repetitive. But music … [Read more...]

How can a running regimen improve your mental health?

Most of us are familiar with how running or jogging on a regular basis can improve one’s physical fitness. However, numerous studies have also shown that incorporating a running regimen in your life can also improve your mental health. The … [Read more...]

Malta upgraded

Time-to-Run Malta is under redevelopment and has been placed on the 'new' format with the intention to focus a little more on that country's running events and happenings. Whereas the current content is 'outdated' it is the intention to … [Read more...]

Time-to-Run Europe added

A new section Time-to-Run Europe to cover European aspects has been added to the Time-to-Run network. This section will provide news and data related to Europe, Road, Track and Cross Country … [Read more...]

Top 18 Benefits of Weight Training

1. Weight training tones your muscles which looks great and raises your basal metabolism ... which causes you to burn more kilojoules 24 hours-a-day. You'll even burn more kilojoules while you're sleeping. 2. Weight training can … [Read more...]