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Armpits Clothing Tags Ouch!

Now that you have moved towards the running lark you and could be now be running more than thirty kilometers in preparation for your next event, little abrasions and places where clothes rub will begin to bother you.

These little annoyances never cropped up during your shorter runs, but if they bother you now, you can be sure they will be even worse on the day of your marathon or ultra.  Figure out how to deal with them now, not on race morning!

Here are some examples of problems that can crop up:  Your favourite running or club vest has a tag on the back which begins to rub, distracting you. You twist a bit to compensate, and your running form becomes less efficient. The tag on your running shorts can cause similar problems. The arm holes on your running vest slips over your shoulder, which was never a problem in shorter runs, but is beginning to drive you crazy.  Your arm pits begin to get a burning feeling where your arms rub against your body.  You may experience chafing in the crack of your butt or other personal or intimate areas.

Most of these problems can be solved easily. Lubricate the clothing tags with Vaseline or a product specifically designed for runners such as sports lube. Only rarely will you need to change to another brand of clothing or cut off the tags.

Seams are a different story. If a seam on a vest cuts you halfway down your shoulder, or if a seam on your running shorts is bothering you, try lubricating it. If that doesn’t work you may need to shop for clothing with softer seams or a different cut.

Armpit chafing is a bit of a tougher problem. Lubrication before the run is your first line of defense.  Watch this closely on your thirty to thirty five kilometer runs. If you have any signs that pre-run lubrication may not be sufficient, consider carrying lubricant in a moon bag on marathon day, or having a friend meet you at several places along the way. Products like sports lube come in a small tube and can be found at your running store. Another product is Vaseline Intensive Care which can be applied in the armpit area or between your legs.

Article by Dave Spence – Resident coach Cape Town

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