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Great Ways to Be There for Beginner Runners

beginner group run
Taking up running can be extremely intimidating, especially if you’ve never been a runner before As a beginner, having the support of friends and family can make all the difference in sticking with it, even if they are not runners themselves.

13 Great Ways to Be There for Beginner Runners

Here are some great ways you can be there for a beginner runner in your life.

1. Ask Them About Their Progress
Simply asking beginners how running is going and if they’ve noticed progress keeps them accountable and motivated. Avoid yes or no questions and ask open-ended ones like “How far were you able to run without stopping today compared to last week?” Showing interest lets them know you care about their achievements.

2. Help Set Realistic Goals
As a beginner, it’s easy to get overzealous and take on too much too soon. This is a huge mistake and will usually lead to injury and despair. Help them set short-term goals like being able to run a mile without stopping within two months or following a Couch to 5K to completion. Achieving smaller goals will build confidence.

3. Give Gear and Gadgets
Surprise them with fun new gear like colorful running shoes, workout headphones, hats, socks, or fitness trackers to make running routines more enjoyable. Useful gadgets also show you support their new hobby.

4. Offer to Accompany Them
If your fitness levels are drastically different, follow along their route. A means of transport that takes the effort out of it and also has storage, like using a golf cart, makes this easier. Chat with them along the way and provide encouragement whenever needed. If you’re capable, consider jogging slowly alongside them.

5. Cook Nutritious Meals
Support their running with the proper nutrition, like meals rich in complex carbs, lean proteins and veggies. Prepare snacks they can take on runs like trail mix, bananas or energy bars.

6. Book Massages
Long runs can lead to sore, tight muscles so treat them to sports massages. Massage therapists can target areas that get tight like legs, feet and back from all the pavement pounding. You could even take a massage cause to make it even easier for them.

7. Celebrate Milestones
Whether it’s completing their first 5K or making running a regular habit, recognize important milestones. Bring a bouquet of flowers or take them out for a healthy dinner. Having someone proud of small wins provides a major confidence boost.

8. Stretch Together
Gently encourage proper stretching by doing light stretches together before and after runs. This improves flexibility and avoids painful injuries down the road. Favorite stretch sessions also help make exercise social.

9. Let Them Vent
Listen when they need to vent about particularly grueling run days. Sometimes beginners just need to voice frustrations or complaints to someone before getting back out there.

10. Find Fun Running Routes
Search for interesting running routes in your area they can look forward to trying, like trails with great scenery. Surprising them with new and fun running locations helps beat boredom.

11. Run Errands Together
When you’re doing errands like grabbing coffee or going grocery shopping, suggest walking or jogging between destinations. This encourages them to incorporate running into everyday routines.

12. Have Dance Parties
Celebrate rest and recovery days with silly dance parties. Crank up some fun music and being silly together in between hard running days.

13. Research Races Together
Browse different races coming up like mud runs, obstacle courses or 5Ks. Research options together and help them sign up to have an exciting goal to work towards.

With the proper support system, beginners can stay motivated through inevitable running challenges. Use these tips to show them you’re their biggest cheerleader through the highs and lows.

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