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The Side Stitch

As a beginner runner or jogger, the dreaded 'side stitch' can often be a more than uncomfortable experience, with the pain being dull to sharp. The pain can impede your running as much as an injury and can also lead to slight muscle damage … [Read more...]

Cadence Breathing

What is a Breathing Cadence? Breathing Cadence, is simply the inspiration and expiration of the lungs to the 'tempo' [cadence] of the right or left arm or right or left foot movement. For example; breathing in [ inspiration ] and … [Read more...]

Armpits Clothing Tags Ouch!

Now that you have moved towards the running lark you and could be now be running more than thirty kilometers in preparation for your next event, little abrasions and places where clothes rub will begin to bother you. These little … [Read more...]

Dealing with Chafing – Cause and Prevention

You running along not a care in the world, so you think. A little later into the run and 'boy oh boy' you have a chafe and is it not irritating. The irritation you can cope with but now it has lead to an open wound and it is bleeding. … [Read more...]