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Distractions – enemy of the athlete

Distractions can be an athlete's greatest enemy. Talent alone is not the only commodity that allows an athlete to achieve their goals. … [Read more...]

4 Ways Hiking Can Improve Your Running

Being active is a core love of runners globally, but there are ways to improve your fitness other than just running. Hiking is an excellent way to improve on your running, as it requires your entire body to endure the demands of hiking. … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Running 3 Times a Week

While you may think there isn’t much benefit from running once a week, it is a proven fact that once a week is indeed beneficial to your health, more so than none, however not as beneficial as running three to four times a week. In order to … [Read more...]

Don’t underestimate running in multi-sports events

To be successful in a triathlon, heptathlon or decathlon, you need to be proficient in several sporting disciplines. Each of these events includes running, and the level of ability that can be demonstrated isn’t to be underrated if you want … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Music: How It Helps You Train, Run and Recover Faster!

Every runner will eventually realise the importance of music for passing time on a run. It’s a great distraction when in that familiar autopilot mode on a regular route. Let’s face it, your journey will become dull and repetitive. But music … [Read more...]