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The top ten most common mistakes people make in the gym

The Biggest Fitness Blunders in your local Gym

Gym WorkThe top ten most common mistakes people make when exercising. At the very least, these errors undermine the effectiveness of a workout. At worst, they may lead to strain, pain, and injury.

1. Not stretching enough: Whether you’re exercising aerobically or lifting weights, warm up first, then stretch.

2. Lifting too much weight: Increase your weight gradually, and you’ll avoid setting yourself up for pain.

3. Not warming up before an aerobic activity: Don’t set the treadmill to your fastest pace as soon as you step on. Gradually increase your speed.

4. Forgetting to cool down: Before you head for the showers, cool down by doing some light activity, such as walking slowly. Then stretch your muscles to improve their flexibility. You’re actually getting them ready for your next workout.5. Exercising too hard: If you’ve skipped several workouts, don’t try to make up for lost time in one session. You’re only setting yourself up for soreness and possible injury.

6. Drying up: Drink water before, during, and after your workout.

7. Leaning on the stair climber rails: Yes, you can burn more kilojoules by exercising on a stair climbing machine than by walking. But if you lean on the handrails during your workout, you’re just defeating the purpose.

8. Incorrect effort: While you don’t want to push yourself too hard, especially if you’re just starting an exercise program, you need to work intensely enough to get results. It’s a fine balance – one that’s much easier to maintain with the guidance of a personal trainer.

9. Jerking the weight: In strength training, you control the weight. Make your moves smooth. If you jerk when you lift, you need a lighter weight.

10. Pigging out: If you’re at the gym for less than 2 hours, you don’t need to supplement your meals with sports drinks and energy bars. A healthy, balanced eating plan and plenty of water will cover your nutritional bases.

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