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These exciting running events are still to come this year

running events

In 2022, there are still a few running events that will almost certainly be particularly exciting. In October as well as in November and December, fans of running can enjoy the various events and really get excited.

These exciting running events are still to come this year

But also in the online area it will certainly be interesting at the times. After all, there are some betting providers where tips can be placed on the various running events.

Running events in October at a glance

Running events are held in the various countries in October, all of which bring variety and entertainment. Among other things, there is In Feldkirchen in Austria Int Carinthia Marathon Carinthia Koroska. The event will take place on October 15 and 16. The marathon is suitable for both young people and adults. But also in Germany there are various events. Among others, the SportScheck Run Stuttgart will take place on October 14. Adults have to conquer a hilly course of 5 km. In Bad Dürkheim there is the Bad Dürkheimer Berglauf on October 15 and in Schmallenberg the Falke Rothaarsteig Marathon.

In Switzerland, the Brienzerseelauf and Bürenlauf are on the schedule in October. These will both take place on October 15. The Brienzerseelauf is accompanied by a distance of 10 km. In the Bürenlauf, on the other hand, only half the distance is relevant.

But also in the USA there are some sports events of this kind. Among others, there is The Great Amazin Race Nashville Adventure Run for Adults & Kids. This event is likely to take place on October 15. In Orlando, there is the 4-H Milk Run 5K and in Atlantic City, there is the Atlantic City Marathon. Some events that fans of running should also keep in mind are the Whistle Stop Marathon in the U.S. on Oct. 15, 2022, the Chuncheon Marathon on Oct. 23 and the Venice Marathon in Italy, also on Oct. 23.

Events for runners in November

Fans of running can also look forward to November. There will also be some events in the month that should not be missed. The different countries offer the most diverse highlights.

In Germany, among other things, the 25th Hockenheimring run is to take place on 01.11., which brings with it a length of up to 10 km. On 05.11. in Rostock the country championships cross are planned. Interesting could also be the 06.11., where the Berlin team half marathon is relevant. On 12.11. there is the 30th Int. Deulux run in Langsur with a distance of 10 km. In Wallenborn Gimbtes the 16th Int. Brubbellauf on 19.11.2022. Thus, it will not be boring in November for running fans.

In Vietnam, an exciting event will also take place in November. There is the Halong Bay Marathon with a distance of 10 km. On 05.11. this date is set. On the same day there is also the Moab Trail Marathon in the USA with a distance of 5 km. But also in India there are interesting events like the Mumbai Marathon.

Running events are also held in the south. In Portugal there is the Maratona de Porto on 06.11.2022. In Italy the Turin Marathon and the Lago Maggiore Marathon are to take place. In South Africa, there is the Soweto Marathon in November.

December runs on the schedule

December can also be seen, as it is accompanied by many different running events. On 03.12. it starts with the Lanzarote Marathon in Las Palmas in Spain. There is the Maratona di Latina in Italy on 04.12. and on 10.12. the Tucson Marathon in the USA.

There are also some running events in Germany. These include the 45th Nat. Nikolaus Volkslauf in Mingolsheim on 04.12. and the 263rd Heidelauf in Halle Saale. The Heidelauf will take place on 11.12.2022. On 31.12. there is the 44th International New Year’s Eve Run in Garrel.

Exciting running events available every month

In the end, we can say that there are exciting and varied days in every month. There are so many running events taking place that running enthusiasts should not miss. Of course, not everyone can travel to all countries to be at the running events. But there is Internet and TV, so that the events may be broadcast. Otherwise, it is not a big deal. There are many different events in the various countries. Surely there are also running events that are within easy reach. You don’t always have to go far away to experience sports at a high level.
France, Italy, Spain, USA, India and Germany are just a few of the countries that have a large running fan community. There, every athlete and fan will get his money’s worth and can really go for it. In any case, it is not boring. If you want to watch or participate, all you have to do is find out in advance about the various activities around Corona.

There may be certain restrictions and guidelines at certain times that people have to abide by. Of course, it can also happen that events are completely cancelled. Therefore, it is important to inform yourself in time.

Also in 2023 many running events announced

But when the year is over, there is of course no end to the various running events in the different countries. Sporting activities will continue in the new year. There are various marathons on the schedule, which will certainly be very exciting again. Already in the first days of the year it starts.

Among others, there is the Dresden Winter Running Series, the St. Paul New Year’s Cross Run and the Houston Marathon. There will also be an ultramarathon Rodgau in January. In February, the Dubai Marathon is on the schedule in Dubai. There will be a Valentine’s Day run in Berlin on Feb. 19, 2023. From therefore all sport fans can already look forward to the coming year and look forward to the exciting running events. There will certainly also be many surprises.

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