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Tone up

Keeping fit is so important, we know how difficult it can be for people that work at desks all day and for busy parents. That’s why they’ve created a graphic demonstrating exercises that you can do whilst sitting at a desk. The exercises are designed to help the areas most affected by sitting at your computer for a long time, whether that’s working, playing games or just passing the time.

tone up

Start with one of the warm-ups on the graphic, like The Secret Handshake. Places your hands together as if you are shaking hands with yourself- make sure one thumb is pointing to the floor and the other to the ceiling- and pull. The resistance caused by you pulling your arms will really work your biceps. Hold for ten seconds, release, then repeat as many times as you like.

For something more vigorous, try The “Crunch Time” Crunch, which will really help your core. Rest both your elbows on your thighs and then attempt to curl your chest towards your legs as far as you can. Resist the movement with your arms as you do it. Hold it for ten seconds, then release and repeat ten times.

Towards the end of your desk exercise routing, choose a wind down exercise to help your body recover. The Fab Ab Squeeze is a great wind down that will help get you the defined abs you’ve always wanted, especially if you’ve already tried The “Crunch Time” Crunch.

Take a deep breath and tighten your stomach muscles and as you breathe out, bring them in towards your spine. Keep the muscles squeezed for five to ten seconds, then release and repeat ten to twelve times. You could even do The Fab Ab Squeeze whilst walking to and from work or sitting on the bus.

It’s not easy to find the time to exercise, but we hope that the graphic will help people fight off their ab wings even when they’re just sitting at their desk. Taking the time to do a little exercise each day is important and you can fit it into your daily routine, for example running around with the kids or walking the dog. Exercise doesn’t only give us a healthy body- it helps maintain a healthy mind too, as it helps us unwind and reduce our stress levels.

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