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Personal Trainer May Be the Best Fitness Decision

It has become well established that a personal trainer can help people as they exercise and eat towards their fitness and health goals. However, there are some basic misconceptions about what a personal trainer can do for the beginner runner. In this article, we will break some of those myths and give you a better understanding of what a PT can do for you.

Beginners: Getting a Personal Trainer May Be the Best Fitness Decision You Make

Many beginner runners avoid using a personal trainer for two main reasons. Firstly, they think training with a PT is for those who have major fitness goals and not just someone who wants to run a few times a week. Secondly, beginners incorrectly think personal trainers are more suited to training multiple disciplines and not just running on its own.

After-all, running is a one-person sport, and you don’t really need anyone to do it. However, there is no doubt even the beginner runner, or the runner with little ambition beyond wanting to shed a few pounds and get fit, can benefit from using a PT.

Boost Strength and Endurance

If you think about it, there is no doubt a personal trainer can improve your running game. In fact, it’s their job to do that, so drop the misconception PTs can only help if you want to do multiple exercises, such as cardio, yoga, weights, etc. A trainer who can focus on a single discipline can help you quickly adapt and become better at what you are doing.

Beginner runners face two clear problems:
1) They often struggle to run fast
2) They often struggle to run far

When these two problems are combined, it means a run for a beginner may be a 5-minute fast walk before all-out exhaustion hits. Let’s be clear, there’s nothing wrong with that and most runners have been there. The key to success is building fitness, speed, and endurance to achieve better performances.

However, many beginners struggle to build their speed or endurance because of simple issues such as running style, running too fast at the start, or breathing techniques. The good news is all of these problems are solvable, but beginners may not have the skillset and knowledge needed to solve them.

That’s where a personal trainer can help. A PT will observe the way you run, such as your gait, footfall, and general technique. Using their expertise, they can provide advice on how to improve your style and maximize your potential. This may include granular information such as pointing out where your running style is causing muscular imbalances.

Boosting Your Mind

There are many reasons why people run. Some will have clear fitness goals, such as being able to run a marathon within a year. Other may have clear health goals, such as to lose 10lbs in two months. However, most people choose to run with less clear goals and for many people running is about shedding some pounds and getting fit, but not necessarily for any reason.

If you don’t have a clear goal in mind, it is much easier to give up during the initial stages of running. You know, the phase when running is a complete hassle because you get out of breath in two minutes and your muscles hurt.

While a personal trainer is there to help you nail the technique of an exercise, many people overlook the role a PT can play in keeping you motivated. During the time when most casual runners give up, having someone there to give you a boost is important. A good personal trainer will help you overcome your low points through conversations about progress, pep talks, and creating a fun atmosphere around your training sessions.

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