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Strength Training routines 1 to 3

Strength Training routines 1 to 3

Welcome to the ‘strength routines’ numbered 1 to 3. Here you will find safe and effective ways to do strength training without weights.

The first 3 exercises cover the Heel raise, Half Squats and the Side Leg Lift.

A routine which should be part of everyone’s routine no matter what their level. These exercises will help to develop your muscular endurance. Strong muscles reduce the risk of injury, help maintain good posture, reduce the effect of fatigue and maintains body tone.

Guidelines for strength training

  • warm-up, mobilise and stretch before strength training
  • maintain good technique, work with a partner to help you initially
  • for general strength and endurance repeat each exercise 12-15 times
  • breathe regularly and naturally during the exercises
  • control the speed of the lift as well as the lowering of the weight
  • always stretch after strength training
  • always remember – stop if any exercise feels uncomfortable

NB. This strength Training routine is very basic and they are meant to assist you in your pursuit to being an injury free runner. Do not attempt this routine if you have injuries which would worsen during these exercises.

The Simple Strength Routines to start with:

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Strength Training routines 1 to 3


The Heel RaiseMUSCLE (S) WORKED: Calf muscle (soleus)/Gastrocnemius

LOCATION: Rear lower leg


Stand with feet hip width apart, back straight and stomach tight.
Keep the knees slightly bent


Rise up on the balls of your feet, hold, then slowly return to start position


Keep the back straight and the tummy tight. The knee of the front leg should be kept over the ankle. Do not hold your breath, breathe gently




Half SquatsMUSCLE (S) WORKED: Hip abductors

LOCATION: Front of thigh and buttocks


Stand with feet slightly wider than hip width apart, hands on hips


Keeping both feet on the floor slowly bend your knees as if position.
Repeat other side. sitting in a chair, keeping them in line with your toes. Slowly return to starting position. Do not lower your buttocks below the level of your knees.


Keep your back straight and your chin up. Never bend your knees to less than a 90 degree angle



MUSCLE (S) WORKED: Hip abductors

LOCATION: outer hip and thigh

STARTING POSITION: Lie on your left side resting your head on your upper arm, bend your left knee so it’s slightly in front of your body. Make sure there is a straight line from your right shoulder through your hip to your ankle

MOVEMENT: Slowly lift your right leg keeping your hips and toes facing forward. Lower to starting position. Repeat other side.

SAFETY POINTS: Keep a straight line from your head to your toes.
Keep hips and toes facing forwards.

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