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Stretching routine 5 to 8

Welcome to the ‘stretch routines’ 5 to 8. Here you will find safe and effective ways to prepare before exercise. A routine which should be part of everyone’s routine no matter what their level.

Guidelines for stretching exercises

  • All warm-up programs should consist of pulse-raising activities, along with mobility and stretching activities
  • Only stretch after the muscles have warmed up (eg.10minutes walking)
  • Only stretch to the point of mild tension. No stretch should ever be painful
  • Stretching exercises are static in nature and should be held for 20-30sec
  • Do not use any bouncing or jerky movements when you are stretching
  • Do not hold your breath. Breathing normally will help you to relax
  • Stretch before and after all physical activity
NB. These stretches are very basic and are meant for warm-up purposes only and should not be applied to injuries – the hamstring and back stretches should not be attempted by people with existing back problems.

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The Stretching Routine 5 to 8


MUSCLE (S) WORKED: Erector Spinae

LOCATION: Lower back

STANCE: Stand with feet shoulder width apart, knees bent with hands on thighs.

Shoulders should be slightly apart.

MOVEMENT: SLOWLY pull stomach in and curl upwards (similar to a cat)

HOLD: Count slowly to 20-30 and return to original position. Repeat twice

SAFETY POINTS: Ensure weight is supported by placing hands on thighs. Be careful to slowly uncurl to original position. Keep chin up and eyes focused in front of you.



MUSCLE: Trapezius and Latissimus DorsiOBERE RÜECKEN DEHNUNG

LOCATION: Upper back

STANCE: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.

MOVEMENT: Clasp the hands in front at shoulder height with the palms away from the body. Gently push the palms away without locking the elbows.

HOLD:Count slowly to 20-30. Repeat stretch twice

SAFETY POINTS: Keep the back straight and the tummy tight. Knees slightly bent

MUSCLE: Deltoid

LOCATION: Shoulder

STANCE: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.

MOVEMENT: Take the right arm across the body at shoulder height, keeping the shoulder relaxed. Place the left hand on the right arm slightly above
the elbow and gently bring the right arm towards the chest.

HOLD: Count slowly to 20-30.Repeat stretch twice. Repeat with left arm

SAFETY POINTS: Keep the back straight and stomach tight. Make sure the knees are slightly bent at all times. Keep head facing forward.


STANCE: Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.

MOVEMENT: Raise your arms overhead and bring your hands together. Slowly begin to stretch upward.

HOLD: Count slowly to 20-30. Repeat stretch twice.

SAFETY POINTS: As with all all stretches the safety guidelines should be followed at all times. Keep breathing normally.

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Author: Gavin Doyle


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