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Guidelines to Stretching

 run shadow

Guidelines to Stretching should be part of your stretching program. Whereas we provide a simple stretching format under this section, we are aware that there are individuals who would like to take their stretching that bit further.

If you are one of those then do keep the following in mind:

  • Warm up using a slow jog or walk before any stretching routine
  • The point of stretching reached is slight discomfort, the tightness and resistance should never be painful
  • To increase flexibility, the overload or stretching of the muscle is to be taken to slightly further than it’s normal range without pain
  • There should be an increase in the range of motion of the joint that is being stretched
  • Always be cautious when stretching muscles attached to painful joints. Do not ignore pain felt, the signals are for a reason
  • Avoid the over-stretching of ligaments and capsules surrounding joints
  • Be careful when stretching the lower back and neck. Damage may occur using exercises that compress the vertebrae and the associated discs
  • When stretching the lower back, it is advisable to do so from a seated position, this lowers the stress to the back, reducing the chance of injury
  • Focus on the stretching of tight and inflexible muscles with added caution
  • All stretching should be done slowly and with control
  • Relaxed and normal breathing should occur at all times when stretching. Do not hold your breath

Hopefully these guidelines can assist you in establishing a safe and beneficial stretching routine.

Start with some of our basic stretching routines

Author: Gavin Doyle

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