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Effective massaging


There are a number of elements that allows for the athlete or client to feel relaxed in an environment where effective massaging can take place. The athlete needs to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Creating an effective massaging environment with the following:

Effective Massage1. Make the athlete comfortable

  • place the body in the proper position on the table
  • place a pad under the areas of the body to be massaged
  • keep the room at a constant 22.2 C (72 F) temperature
  • respect the athlete’s privacy

2. Develop a confident, gentle approach when massaging.

  • assume a position that is easy both on you and the athlete
  • avoid using too harsh a stroke, or further injury may occur

3. To ensure proper lymphatic and venuos drainage, stroke toward the heart whenever possible

4. Know when not to massage

  • never give a massage when there may be a local or general infection. To  do so may encourage the spread or aggravation of the condition.
  • never apply massage directly over a recent injury; limit stroking to the  periphery. Massaging over recent injuries may dislodge the clot  organization.

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Please note that Time-to-Run at all times recommends the use of professional sports masseurs, these notes are primarily to assist you in understanding the use and practice of massage and it’s various techniques. Applying any of these techniques by those not qualified to do so, is done at your own risk

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