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Games to Play Before Your Next Big Run

If you’re the kind of runner that lives, breathes, and eats the sport of running, then you’re likely drawn to related ways to spend your downtime as well.

5 Games to Play Before Your Next Big Run

Fortunately, there is a wide range of engaging games that are perfect for avid runners. Such games can help improve your focus before your next big race, teach you some stamina tricks, open your eyes to new ways to run, or just allow you to soak up the culture of running. Without further ado, here are five great games to play before your next big run.

1. Mirror’s Edge

This thrilling first-person parkour game is an absolute must for anyone who likes to combine their running with some gymnastics. The game is set in a dystopian near-future, and you play a courier called Faith who must sprint and jump across the rooftops of an unnamed megacity in order to deliver top-secret packages to shadowy customers. The game uses hyper-realistic mechanics to echo the dynamics of human movement as closely as possible and allows you to get progressively faster and more nimble as you train yourself up.

2. Sonic Adventure

Granted, we will never be able to match the running speeds of Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog, but it’s certainly fun to watch him go. Sonic the Hedgehog has a number of classic games, but the 1998 title Sonic Adventure is arguably one of the most famous and highly-rated running Sonic titles of all time. The locales in which you must sprint to the finish line in this game vary from tropical jungles to densely packed cities, and outer-space race tracks. Gotta go fast!

3. Ice Run

All of us runners have experienced the challenges of running on icy terrain, which is we you are likely to appreciate the Icy Run 5-reel online slot game, which carries the humorous theme of trying to stay on top of the ice, all while trying to line up slot reels to win a real-money prize. The slot can be found at a number of online platforms that offer the best online pokies in Australia, meaning that anyone in Oz can play this one on their mobile, tablet, laptop, or PC.

4. Ring Fit Adventure

If you would rather play a running-themed game that actually prepares you for your next run, then you won’t be able to do better than Ring Fit Adventure, a Nintendo Switch game that requires you to work out your legs, core, and upper body. The game sees you strap one controller to your leg and another to your wrist before navigating a number of increasingly difficult marathon courses, complete with obstacles, weight-lifting, and squats. This is one way to turn your pre-run workout into a fun gaming session.

5. Sports Party

Another sports game to round off this list. Nintendo Switch’s exclusive and best-selling Sports Party game is the full package for runners, with a huge number of mini-games that are designed to work out every muscle in your body. You can practice your core and thigh strength with the jet ski and skateboarding games, while the frisbee, basketball, and tennis gameplay will help you work out those arms without it feeling like too much of a chore.

These are some of the games that every runner should try out. If your love of running extends beyond your morning route, then these are what you should be playing.

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