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Mental Strategies to Improve Running Motivation 

Running is the ultimate way of ensuring your fitness is on point. However, many times you wouldn’t feel like going for a run and would rather prefer to stay tucked in your bed while enjoying some Netflix. Sometimes you don’t feel like it, while other times the weather works against you. This is where our mental strategy for improving your running motivation comes in.

Music – Fuel For Your Mind And Body

Most of the time, it is your inner voice that keeps telling you to skip your running session. You must divert your mind from this inner voice by listening to something different. Music has a great impact on our mind that can help to boost your performance. Add some rocking tunes to your playlist that will level up your morale and motivate you to get out of your bed and go for a refreshing run.

Keep Traction

Keeping traction of your efforts and achieving measurable and visible results is a great way to improve your running motivation. Moreover, technology has brought many apps to help you measure how you run and track the results. Invest in a GPS wristwatch or get yourself a heart rate monitor to quantify your running while you hit the road. Tracking your runs is a great way to motivate the challenger in you while suppressing the inner sounds that might be trying to demotivate you.

Setup a Challenge

Setting up a challenge for yourself can be another powerful motivator for your mind that will make you go against the inner shouts of quitting as well as the weather to get up and go running. You can set up a challenge for yourself to run 2 or 3 times a day and cover specified miles in a predetermined time. Setting this personal goal will not only allow you to measure your run, but also go against all odds to reach your goal.

Hack Your Brain

Mental blocks are the reasons your running habits aren’t what you may wish them to be. Remember, the brain, like the body is a creature of habit. Changing how you view your inability to commit to running requires brain hacking. It’s problem solving, where no one problem is without an equally effective solution.

Here’s an example of brain hacking. Imagine a player who enjoys the entertainment value of online casinos, but as a precaution has decided to self-exclude i.e. joined Gamstop. Suddenly all avenues have been blocked as they no longer can register on new casinos. They can opt to either wallow in despair and frustration, or find a workable solution to the problem. To step out of this rut, they need to consider new ways of thinking, such as perhaps finding casinos that aren’t linked to Gamstop, therefore, allowing them to venture afield and get back to what they enjoy.  They could scour the Internet with this new intent or use casino portals like and a solution to what at first seemed like a desperate situation has been found. Applying the theory of hacking your brain’s despair, will help to solidify your resolve making it easier to overcome any hurdle. Like with running, practice makes perfect.

Get Yourself Motivational Running Gear

Spoil yourself with the running gear that you love. When you have your favourite tracksuit and right shoes, your mind will make you want to go for your running. Plus, having all you need to enhance your performance will make you feel confident about yourself while crushing all the excuses that your inner opponent might be making. Running shoes and running gear incorporate both athletic factors and aesthetics to level up your performance. Get yourself all the runner essentials that you love to beat the weather conditions and boost your motivation.

Join A Local Running Club 

You may have a running club in your community, go ahead and join it. If you don’t already have it in your community, take the initiative to create it yourself. These clubs are such a great way of boosting your motivation as you get to interact with people with shared goals. Setup running dates with one of the members and challenge each other. Also, the club will be a very effective way to make you feel competitive and raise the desire in you to perform better.

Explore New Routes 

New routes will bring new and exciting feelings with them. So, if you have been running the same routes, break the monotony and discover some new routes to include them. A change of scenery always does wonders to rejuvenate the mind. Go and explore these routes with a partner or yourself, and you will feel a rush of adrenaline to feel the ultimate motivation.

Use these amazing ways to create the ultimate mental strategy for improving your running motivation and get your fitness on track.

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