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The Benefits of Running 3 Times a Week

While you may think there isn’t much benefit from running once a week, it is a proven fact that once a week is indeed beneficial to your health, more so than none, however not as beneficial as running three to four times a week. In order to benefit from the multiple advantages of running, you would need to be motivated to complete this activity more than twice a week.

The Benefits of Running 3 Times a Week

If you needed motivation you may want to read below and find one or more satisfying reasons as to why you should be taking up the recreational sport as this is a great means of upping your heart rate just as good as any.

Weight Loss

While the most apparent benefit of running would be weight loss, the only way one could do so is by running a far distance over a minimum of three days a week. Running increases the heart rate and in turn increases the metabolism, giving runners a higher resting heart weight which burns fat faster than non-runners. Of course, you could lose more weight, if that was your intent, by running more than three times a week.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

It should go without saying that cardio stimulation is good for the health of your heart. Running boosts your heart rate which makes your heart pump more blood and work faster, burning calories and keeping it healthy in one go. The healthier the state of your heart, the better your chances of living a longer life, which his ultimately what we all want.

Mental Stimulation

Whether you are running outdoors or on a treadmill, you are exercising your body which releases chemicals in the brain making you feel better. If you are suffering from a hangover, feeling blue or depressed, running has been known to kick these blues and turn those chemicals into good and healthy feelings.

Strengthen Muscles

By running you unknowingly strengthen the muscles in your body as the impact of your feet hitting the road works as an absorbing spring. The motion of your body while running creates stronger and healthier muscles, another welcomed benefit of running.

Healthier Lifestyle Equals Healthier Choices

You would be amazed at how one hand washes the other when it comes too running three or more times a week. In the beginning you may find nothing has changed, however, given a week or two and you may find that you are drinking more water, eating healthier and perhaps even upping your running time outdoors.

The more you run, the further you begin to run at a faster pace. Even if you make a point of running less in the week but at higher and faster paces, you will still benefit from all the above mentioned. It is true that you should be keeping active at least three times a week, but with a busy schedule and no means for a gym contract you may be happier with running than any other activity.

Look after yourself and stay healthy by benefiting from the advantages of running.

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