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Who Are the Fastest Players at Man City

There are three main reasons why most people run. To lose weight and stay in shape, for the sheer pleasure of doing so – or to challenge their body and achieve their optimum personal best.

Who Are the Fastest Players at Man City?

And when it comes to athletes performing at the top of their game in the footballing world, no one has done it better than Man City this season.

City have been streets ahead of all their rivals this campaign, both domestically and continentally, and with Pep Guardiola at the wheel, few punters who like Bitcoin betting on football would wager against them repeating the trick next time round. They’ve achieved such lofty heights through an irresistible combination of skill, strength and, yes, speed. But which of their players are the paciest in a foot race?

We reveal all below.

3) Phil Foden
It’s testament to Phil Foden’s amazing all-round play that few might think of him primarily as a speed demon. The 23-year-old prodigy can do just about everything, from jinking past defenders with his impeccable close control to unleash barnstorming shots with pinpoint accuracy… and he’s no slouch when it comes to showing the opposition a clean set of heels, either.

According to stats compiled by UEFA, Foden reached a top speed of 32.6km/h in the Champions League this year, putting him third in City’s overall sprinting pecking order. It’s a velocity that most of us runners can only dream of, but it was just about good enough to earn a bronze medal at the Etihad.

2) Erling Haaland
Standing at a princely 194cm in height, Erling Haaland is built like a Norse Viking of yesteryear… but don’t let his domineering stature fool you. Haaland reached a whopping 35.8km/h in the Premier League this season, making him one of the fastest strikers out of the blocks in the entire division.

Aside from that blistering pace, Haaland is also blessed with an incredible knack for getting on the end of passes and crosses and slotting them into that onion bag. No wonder he’s netted an incredible 36 times in the league this year, putting Harry Kane’s paltry 30 goals to shame. And at 22, there’s plenty of time for this Norwegian behemoth to get even faster and more ferocious.

1) Kyle Walker
Despite being a decade older than both of the other finalists on this list, Kyle Walker is still leaving his teammates in the dust at the ripe old age of 33 years young. When engaging his turbo thrusters to the max, Walker has been clocked at an incredible 37.3 km/h, putting him head and shoulders above everyone else at City – and indeed, above everyone else in the league.

Yep, Walker is actually the fastest man in the English Premiership at the present time. Okay, so he’s a fair way off the pace set by Usain Bolt, the quickest human being to walk the Earth, who has reached top speeds of 44km/h in the past. However, it’s still enough for Walker to save his blushes after the occasional defensive lapse, as Vinicius Jnr found out in the Champions League semi-final this season. And of course, it’s more than sufficient to leave us mere mortals floundering around in his wake.

What’s your personal best top speed? How does it compare to these pacy players? There’s only one way to improve – get out there and pound that pavement some more.

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