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Women section updated

Women Runners section

Women Runners section

Welcome to ‘women’s section’ of Time-to-Run international. Here we hope to provide you with all the information relevant to the women runner

Cassandra launches her very own blog > Cass Chat

You can look forward to upcoming articles in this section from her on motivation, femininity and running, how power moms fit running and racing into their schedules, tips on clothing etc.

Articles by Cassandra covering :

Sock it! – information on Running Socks

Fitting your feet with a pair of socks for running might seem like a fairly trivial purchase, but these days the choice of style, fabric, not to mention price (typically ranging from 4 – 50 euros), is awesome.

TESTOSTE – RUN Women runners and testosterone levels

Will I grow stubble on my chin and develop big muscles from running? Believe it or not this is a common question that women who have never run want to know when contemplating running or embarking on an exercise programme.

The Women’s section on the Sports Bra:

The Women’s Physiology section:

Under Women’s Physiology section:

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Who is Cassandra Davis head of the women’s section? | info |


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