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Strength Training routines 4 to 7

Welcome to the ‘strength routines’ numbered 4 to 7 which follows on from Strength routines 1 – 3.  The routines are safe and effective ways to do strength training without weights.

The exercises 4 to 7 cover the Lower Leg Lift, Abdominal Curl Up, Wall Push Ups and the Lateral Raise

Strength Training routines 4 to 7


Lower Leg LiftMUSCLE (S) WORKED: Hip adductors

LOCATION: Inner thigh

STANCE: Lie on left side with body held in a straight line from ankle through hip to shoulder. Rest head on left arm. Place right hand in front of chest lightly supporting body weight. Bring right leg over and forward of lower leg.


Gently raise and lower the (left) leg, keeping your hips facing forwards and your hips and trunk still. Repeat other side

SAFETY POINTS: Keep your back straight



Abdominal Curl UpMUSCLE (S) WORKED: Rectus Abdominus

LOCATION: Better known as the stomach muscles

STANCE: Lie on floor with knees bent, feet flat on floor, lower back pressed into the floor, hands on thighs.

MOVEMENT:Lift head and shoulders from floor, and exhale consciously pulling in your abdominal muscles simultaneously. There is little advantage in going beyond the position illustrated. Hold final position
momentarily. Control lowering of torso.

SAFETY POINTS: Exhale as you lift. Never jerk head or neck.



Wall Push UpsMUSCLE (S) WORKED: Pectoralis / Triceps

LOCATION: Chest and Upper Arms

STANCE: Place your hands against a wall at shoulder height and at least shoulder width apart. Head, buttocks and feet about two feet from the wall.


Bring your chest towards the wall by bending your elbows. Return to starting position, pushing away from wall by straightening the elbows.

SAFETY POINTS: Keep your back straight and stomach tight at all times. Do not lock elbows



Lateral Raise MUSCLE (S) WORKED: Deltoids / Trapezius

LOCATION: Shoulder and Upper back

STANDING POSITION: Stand tall with feet wide apart, fists slightly clenched and held by side, wrists facing inwards and elbows slightly bent.


Raise both arms out to the side and up to just above shoulder height.
Keep elbows slightly bent throughout. Lower under control. The movement takes place solely in the shoulder joint

SAFETY POINTS: Keep back straight, stomach tight and the knees slightly bent at all times with head facing forward.



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