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What is fartlek?

The word fartlek is a Swedish word that translates directly into “speed play”. Fartlek is a great way to develop endurance and strength as well as increase speed. Fartlek is a more systematic form of pace training. … [Read more...]

A new 800 meter record 30 years later

A new 800m record - Our Time-to-Run training programs are time-oriented. The programs are aimed at improving your 10km times, but your times for other distances will no doubt improve. The training programs serve as a good framework, for example, even if your goal is to improve your time for a half marathon or the … [Read more...]

Substitute some of your running training with skiing

Substitute running with skiing - Unfortunately, the winters in Southern Finland are what they are, and there is no guarantee that you will be able to ski. I don’t know what the winters are like where you live, but in snowy winters, you should take full advantage of the skiing tracks and replace your running shoes with … [Read more...]

Reduce training intensity during corona pandemic

It is advisable to reduce the intensity of training during corona pandemic. For may of us Spring is THE time when we want to get back into running. The liberating feeling of going out in the sunshine and running on bare pavements after a long snowy winter is probably something only the ones living in areas where winter … [Read more...]

The Importance of short-term goals

Applying short-term goals in your running training cycles - Everyone knows that setting yourself a goal is of great importance, however discussing and achieving short-term goals is in truth just as important. … [Read more...]

Interval Training for Performance

For decades, interval training has been used by endurance athletes to improve their performance. Interval training is easy to monitor when assessing performance. … [Read more...]

Tips for Interval Training

I would like to share some of my own tips for interval training. Interval training is one of the best ways to improve your speed endurance and they are a solid part of my own training: 1 km and 2 km intervals every third week. … [Read more...]

Race your Best 10km

Over the years we have developed a strategy as to 'how to race your best 10k'. The strategy is based on your training, related to our 10km programs, and is specific to the sessions you have conducted. … [Read more...]

Training towards a sub 55 minute 10Km

sub 55 minute 10k - Firstly, what must be understood is that in order for you to run sub 55 minute 10Km, you must be able to run below 5 minutes 30 seconds per kilometer for the distance. … [Read more...]

Training towards a sub 60 minute 10K

sub 60 minutes 10k - Firstly, what must be understood is that in order for you to run sub 60 minutes for 10Km, you must be able to run below 6 minutes per kilometer for the distance. … [Read more...]