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Understanding Heart Rate and Exercise

If you are reading the MAPP, chances are you already use heart rate as a measure of your exercise intensity. The basics are that 1) heart rate serves as a measure of exercise intensity during steady state activities, and 2) If we estimate maximal heart rate as 220 minus age we can use this value to gauge the intensity … [Read more...]

Training to improve Aerobic power utilising Heart Rate

Train at percentage HRmax It is generally accepted that, aerobic capacity is developed by exercising with your heart rate at about 70% of maximum. During walking, or running, this increase is equivalent to about 55% of the VO2 max or, for college aged men and women, to heart rate of 130 to 140 beats per … [Read more...]

Maximum Heart Rate Stress Tests

Many athletes who have a history of continual sport since their early teens have a higher maximum heart rate when compared to the mathematical calculation of their maximum heart rate based on their age. To be certain of finding your maximum heart rate a Stress Test should be conducted. … [Read more...]

The “Training-Sensitive Zone” – Heart-Rate

Training-Sensitive Zone Maximum exercise heart rate is on most occasions determined after 2 to 4 minutes of all-out effort during a given form of exercise. It must be noted that this level of exercise, requires great motivation and is not advisable for adults to attempt who are not medically or at a physical level … [Read more...]

How A Heart Rate Monitor Saved My first Half Ironman

Dave Cattanach writes about his experiences of utilising the Heart rate Monitor in his training quests and participating in the Ironman Canada event.. Using a Heart Rate Monitor takes the guesswork out of your runs and this case, a triathlon. I had used a Heart Rate Monitor for several years, particularly for … [Read more...]