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The Race Period for Racers

10k Race Period

10k Race Period

Further information to make a success out of your 10k training programs.

Please note, this RACE PERIOD for RACERS is only recommended for those who would like to race for a period of 4 to 6 weeks max. This is normally aimed at the more ELITE athletes, sub 33min 10k PB or a Women with sub 36min. The reason for this is the athlete would be racing maybe 2 races a week and it would be very taxing on the system (body). Recovery between races and a very good knowledge of one’s body is important.


The Race Period for Racers, is normally a period where there may be a track race during the week as well as a road or track race on the weekend. It is a period where the runner is resting up for races and is meant to be in PEAK CONDITION. It is also a period where the runner is most vunerable to injury and colds. There is a fine line that is walked during this period. The sharper one becomes the more vunerable they become to injury and sickness. This is not recommended for the ‘ordinary’ runner.

3 to 4 weeks on this race schedule is ideal with a max of 6 weeks for those athletes who have been doing long runs of 90mins to 2hrs. The more aerobic level fitness you have, the higher the chance of recovery between sessions. Will give own coaching tips on comparisons at a later stage.

The Race Period for Racers schedule

This schedule will consist of recovery runs, as well as a 5000m session for the more experienced and then a ‘sharpener’ fartlek session 2 days before the race.

The recovery runs are self-explanatory, this is an active recovery run after a hard race and is anything between 30 minutes to 1hr. 30mins would be directly after the race, for the fitter athlete who falls more towards the elite category, it would be 1hr. See note4 about am runs for the more experienced

The 3 x 1600m session

If you are not running a mid-week race, then 3 days after the weekend race you would do a 5000m session at a fixed 5k pace with longer recovery. Under normal circumstances the athlete would reduce the Rest to below 1 minute to achieve ‘race stimulus’, however this is not the aim of this session as the athlete will be racing so often. This session is aimed at the more elite category of runner who needs the assurance that they are still training, so this session is aimed at the psychological benefits. The session would be 3 x 1600m at 5k pace with 3 minutes recovery. The 5k pace would be what you would like to run your next 5k race in and it should be at the pace you would have run your previous 6 x 1000m in. If your 1000’s were at 3.10 per k then your 1600m will be at the same pace, 3.10 per K with the added 600m at pace. The rest can be increased to 5 minutes, however if using a heart rate monitor it has to show that you are coping with the session and that the heart rate is not being over taxed. This is a TEMPO session to gain the further MENTAL EDGE, you are not meant to feel ‘messed’ (exhausted) after this session.

The day after this session you should run 30mins to 1hr recovery. If you are racing midweek, then you do not do the 5k session above.

The bread and butter pre race fartlek session – 6 x 1min fast/slow

2 days before any race you can do our ‘bread and butter’ (standard) session before racing. The session would be a fartlek session consisting of 6 x 1 minute fast with 1 minute slow and can be done on any relatively flat route or track. The 1 minute fast is at the pace you anticipate racing at in your next race, with 1 minute recovery between each fast 1 minute. This session should leave you finishing wanting to do more and with the eagerness to race in 2 days time. You should feel invigorated, if you don’t then you are running too hard and do not understand your body and its limitations. Yet again, this is a session aimed at creating the mental edge and to work on your pre race enthusiasm.

Please note, this RACE PERIOD for RACERS is only recommended for those who would like to race for a period of 4 to 6 weeks max. This is normally aimed at the more ELITE athletes, sub 33min 10k PB or a Woman with sub 36min.

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Author: Gavin Doyle


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