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Understanding Intervals

Matching training characteristics to physiological changes Which is "better", Interval Training or Steady State Training? Obviously that is simplistically stated, but I will try to make things more clear as we go. Eight years ago, my master's thesis asked this exact question. One group of rats "volunteered" to run … [Read more...]

Interpretation of Understanding Intervals

The article below leads on from the first article Understanding Intervals INTERPRETATION There are two major points I want to draw from Dr. Astrand's experiments: 1) Intermittent exercise allows a higher total volume of high intensity work. Performed continuously, the subject could only manage 9 … [Read more...]

Interval Intensity of Understanding Intervals

The article below leads on from the 1st article The Interpretation of Understanding Intervals OK then, all hard intervals all the time, right? NO, keep reading, the plot thickens. From what I have presented so far, and other research, I feel comfortable in saying that a program employing relatively low … [Read more...]

The Rest during intervals as important as the work itself

You're doing some tough intervals at the track or on the road, and after each one you're gasping for oxygen and hoping that the pain in your muscles will subside soon. You've read that it's best to exercise lightly during your recovery intervals, but your body and mind are telling you to lean over and clutch your knees … [Read more...]