Cyriax - Deep Traverse Friction Massage

Deep Transverse Friction Massage
The transverse, or Cyriax, method of deep friction massage is increasingly being used in sports medicine. It is a specific technique for treating muscles, tendons, ligaments, and joint capsules. The major goal of transverse massage is to move transversely across a ligament or tendon to mobilize it as much as possible. This technique often precedes active exercise.

Deep transverse friction massage restores mobility to a muscle in the same way that mobilization frees a joint.

The position of the hands is important in gaining maximum strength and control. Four positions are recommended: A. index finger crossed over the middle finger, B. middle finger crossed over the index finger, C. two fingers side by side, and D. an opposed finger and thumb.

The massage must be directly over the site of lesion and pain. The fingers move with the skin and do not slide over it. Massage across the grain of the affected tissue. The thicker the structure, the more the friction is given. The technique is to sweep back and forth over the full width of the tissue. Massage should not be given to acute injuries or over highly swollen tissues. A few minutes of this method will produce a numbness in the area, and exercise or mobilization can be instituted.

This article follows on from the Procedures of Massage post which listed the five basic massage categories: effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement, and vibration.

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