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10K Training programs towards your goals

10K Training programs towards your goals

The 10K is believed to be distance that gives you a marker for all events; above 10Km, that you may attempt. In the early 80’s many of the leading 10K athletes stepped up to the marathon with success.

This section will be developed solely for the improvement of your 10km Personal Best [ PB ]. In order for you to achieve success at this distance, there are certain elements in your training that have to be taken into consideration, so that you are able to race the distance to your full potential.

These elements are the dynamics to a successful program, and the balance between your lifestyle and training is of the utmost importance. We will take it ‘foregranted‘ that most of the persons who will be attempting these programs are not ‘professional’ athletes and have to hold down a daily job. Yep, that’s life.

Now there are no real secrets to a 10k training program. You need to apply the following to your training; in your schedule you need to add the quality of running at the 10K pace, you hope to achieve. Then you also have to be running at 5K pace and then added to this is a long run 1.5 to 2 times the 10K distance. This long run will be measured in ‘time on feet’ and not at pace.

The more developed the athlete, the more quality and quantity the program will have. We will be providing the following programs :

sub 50min – for athletes who have a PB under 55min
sub 45min – for athletes who have a PB under 50min
sub 40min – for athletes who have a PB under 45min
sub 35min – for athletes who have a PB under 38min
sub 33min – for athletes who have a PB under 34.30min
sub 31min – for athletes who have a PB under 32.30min

For sub 30min and sub 29min apply within – email

View the following :

Read this program tips before starting the sub 35min and faster training program

Well, you have come this far .. however there are at least 3 to 4 components missing from these programs .. we will now begin to introduce these components which make the program an even greater success :

Forums for our 10k Training Programs – Feedback and Advice

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